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why does my internet disconnect when i download

I have searched around the forums and google but I can't quite find a fix for my problem. When I am connected to the internet through Private Internet Access my connection constantly cuts out when I start downloading files. I can browse, run an MMORPG or online game and have no problems when connected to PIA but as soon as I start downloading a file the connection stops. The network doesn't disconnect; just my internet. The downloading files stall and I am disconnected from any online games if I am running one. After a few seconds/minutes the connection will start up again and the downloads resume but then disconnects yet again over and over. When I check in the event log I see the warning "Name resolution for the name insert name here timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded. " If I disable PIA I have no problems downloading and staying connected to the internet. This is on a fresh install of Windows 7 with all updates installed and the VPN Kill switch as well as DNS Leak Protection have never been enabled. I'm sure there is more I have tried but I can't remember at the moment.

I also tested downloading a few Debian images through torrent and there are no connection issues. I am still connected to PIA and I have uTorrent connected through socks5 proxy. So I am running the torrent program through the VPN and using socks5 proxy and have no connection issues. Not sure what else I can try but any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the lengthy message and thank you in advance for your help. Hello Talbot,
in torrent clients. In utorrent if you click on the BitTorrent Tab, you ensure that this is unchecked. When enabled it can cause disconnections such as the one you are seeing. Following this, if your main goal for torrents is security, speed, and sharing back to the swarm, please do not enable the Proxy server options, as this can slow down your downloads, and inhibit sharing back to the swarm. as the VPN is the only one that would encrypt your traffic. If there are any further issues please don't hesitate to contact support, our main page in the bottom right hand corner. We are also available center: About two weeks ago when downloading from Steam my network connection just completely dies - no internet, no local network, nothing.

This also has the nasty side effect of killing the ENTIRE network that its plugged into. So all my wifi devices and everything are knocked offline until I pull my computer off the network. I've been using Steam for years and this is the first time this problem has occurred. I get a yellow exclamation on the network icon and the only fix is to pull the network plug out of the computer to reset it. I've traced the problem to Steam. I have google fiber and am directly wired into the google fiber router. I've also done speed tests and downloaded stuff through other apps, streamed multiple videos from Netflix and Hulu. so it not being able to handle the download speed is not it. The speed at which it dies is proportional to the download speed. If I specify unlimited, it dies within about 10 seconds, at 5 MB it lasts about 20 minutes - I can watch the graph spike then start dropping to 0 quickly then the network icon flips to yellow. I can restrict the bandwidth speed but that just delays how long until the problem appears.

I've dropped it to about 1. 5 MB so I can at least get through a download but now takes hours instead of what should be about 10-20 minutes! I've seen numerous posts on this issue but no resolution and no official acknowledgement from Valve or Steam that this is an official bug. The only two fixes I've seen mentioned in other posts are upgrading to Win10 or get a new ethernet card. Neither of which I'm real keen on since it WAS WORKING before - obviously something changed in the one the numerous Steam client updates I seem to get every time I launch it. As an FYI - this is happening on a Win 7 Pro install. E2200 gigabit ethernet card. * Because my router is old - I'm directly connected to the Google router, 2016 tech * Antivirus is interfering - tried it without it, same problem I've been in IT over 20 years, I've done quite a bit of process of elimination of the obvious, checked the cabling, rebooted, blah blah. There's thousands of setting combos and haven't stumbled on the right one yet. If anyone has any other suggestions or fixes please post them here. I'll post my own if I figure one out.

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