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why does my dog not like other dogs

If it's happening fairly consistently, it's almost definitely a signal your dog is sending that is setting off the other dogs. You mentioned your dog will "curl up in a ball" upon meeting dogs at the park. A lot of dogs want to correct a nervous dog for being nervous (which is the dog equivalent of yelling at a little kid to stop crying--it's totally counterproductive), so that may be what you're seeing. Work with her on increasing her confidence and you may see an improvement in her social interactions. She may also just be doing something rude in dog language when she approaches other dogs and the other dogs are appropriately telling her to knock it off. It may also be in your best interest to consult a certified behaviorist (not a trainer) to assess her. They could tell a lot more by observing her body language when she approaches other dogs. Finally, dog parks are NOT good for socialization. You have far too little control over the environment and for a dog who has been involved in repeated confrontations (on the aggravating or the receiving end) it is just not safe.

Socialization is a process that requires you to ensure her experiences are good ones rather than just hoping for the best.
Some dogs seem to love all other dogs and will play and be social with each one they meet. At the other end of the spectrum are reactive dogs that seem to be aggressive with almost all other dogs. But most of us have dogs that are somewhere in the middle, they like some dogs but not others. If your dog doesn t like every dog they come across, does it mean you ve failed at properly socializing your best friend? I donвt think so. Dogs are a lot like us humans. Some of us are very open to socializing with everyone we meet while others are more introverted, indifferent or maybe even defensive around others. But just like dogs, most of us fall somewhere in between. There is one difference between dogs and humans though.

Dogs tend to decide quickly how they feel about each other and sometimes they make their determination from a distance. Recently, I read an article debating whether a dog could be racist if they shun other dogs of certain breeds or colors. Even though dogs do profile other canines based on past experiences or preferences, they re not capable of understanding concepts like racism. But here are some other reasons why your dog might not like some dogs. Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs But Not Others? Body Language Your dog may notice something about another that he doesnвt like. Sometimes this happens at a distance and your pup has already made up his mind before the dogs meet face to face. Many dogs are turned off by overly-excited dogs or dogs that display dominant postures. Haley s always been a somewhat excitable dog so she tends to trigger reactive dogs and does better when meeting calm dogs. Scent With a dogвs amazing sense of smell, they can identify a lot of information about another dog even if they re quite a distance away.

There may be something about the other dogвs scent that your dog doesnвt like or it may remind him of a dog he didn t get along with in the past. Past Experiences If your dog had a bad experience with another dog, they may avoid or react to other dogs that look or smell the same. Haley had a bad experience with an aggressive Goldendoodle in our neighborhood so sometimes she gets tense when seeing other Goldendoodles. It s also interesting how she acts friendlier towards dogs that look like friends she enjoyed playing with in the past. Gender Some dogs prefer to socialize with dogs of the opposite sex rather than ones of their own sex. Protectiveness Dogs that are protective, possessive or jealous may not like other dogs when they get too close. They might get along just fine if they were to play alone, but when protecting something they value, they feel threatened and react defensively.

Your Attitude Dogs are masters of reading our body language and emotions. When we get tense they can react to our tension. This can become a vicious circle (pardon the pun) when a dog begins to react to other dogs then we become tense or fearful every time they meet a new dog. Just like we humans donвt like every person we meet, thereвs no reason to be worried or feel you havenвt socialized your dog enough if he snubs an occasional dog. Some dogs are more content just hanging out with humans instead of other dogs and that s okay too. But if you have a dog thatвs highly reactive, defensive or aggressive towards other dogs, working with a positive-reinforcement trainer or behaviorist in your area may help desensitize your dog and make your life less stressful. Does your dog like some dogs but not others? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below! Tags:,

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