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why should we increase the minimum wage

The last time Texas raised its minimum wage was in 2009, when it was forced to by a change in the federal standard. In contrast, after receiving a pay raise in 2009, Texas legislators received
in early 2015, and members of the Texas Legislature became eligible for. House Bills and aim to return the favor to constituents by raising the minimum wage to $10. 10. It is a necessary step that has become mired in a quagmire of Texas state politics. The largest in the minimum wage was enacted by President George W. Bush in 2007, a 70 cent hike to $5. 85 from the 1997 rate of $5. 15. However, when accounted for inflation, the strength of the new wage rate was still lower than the minimum wage in 1997 ($7. 30 vs $7. 08). The federal government plays a game of catch-up with the minimum wage and leaves the question of substantial wage raises to the discretion of state governments. In that regard, Texas has severely disappointed. The Lone Star State boasts the number of minimum wage workers and the for hourly workers. that a living hourly wage in Texas constitutes $10. 67, whereas a poverty wage is $5. 00. The in Texas live closer to the brink of poverty than a living wage. Free market crusader and a minimum wage hike would kill Texan jobs. However, a found that moderate raises in the minimum wage have had no adverse impact on employment or worker hours. In fact, states that raised the minimum wage in 2014 actually than states that kept their wage flat. It is not conclusive evidence that minimum wage raises increase job growth, but it casts doubt on Abbott s claim. Moreover, a living wage of $10. 10 would directly impact almost 2 million Texans and provide a to the state s GDP. Detractors of a living wage argue that a rise in incomes will beget a rise in prices.

This is misleading. First, inflation is a natural factor in all markets. Second, that a 10 percent increase in wages was only found to correlate with a 0. 4 percent increase in general prices. The extra padding a living wage would provide to consumers is more than enough to defray the marginally higher prices. For the sake of the word count, here are a laundry list of things research demonstrates a minimum wage raise would do:, of government welfare programs, among Texans, improve education outcomes, and of nutrition-poor food. Finally, premature death and improves health. I m sure Abbott can agree this is a good thing. It s simple, yet at each step the, and the limited power of local entities means any potential raises would only. Cities and counties are banned from setting their own minimum wage rate, so now the responsibility lies with the Texas Legislature to ensure that Texans earning a minimum wage have a fair shake at financial security. Legislators like their pay raises it s past time they returned the favor. Hasan is a business freshman from Plano. Follow him on Twitter. CANBERRA -- As, Australia's trade unions and the federal Labor party are opening up a new front in the industrial relations argument with a new push to raise the minimum wage. Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus will use her National Press Club speech on Wednesday to officially call for a $45-a-week boost to the minimum wage. The ACTU said it would be "an historic increase" and bring the annual minimum wage to $37,420. "Building economic security for the lowest paid workers in our society is at the core of the ACTU's objectives, and increasing the minimum wage is one of the most effective tools available to achieve this goal," McManus said.

Today we will urge the Fair Work Commission for a $45-a-week increase in the minimum wage. Australian Unions (@unionsaustralia) "Australia's minimum wage has been forced down to dangerously low levels when compared to average wages -- stifling economic security for workers and further entrenching inequality which is now at a 70-year high. " The minimum wage is currently $17. 70 per hour or $672. 70 per 38-hour week, according to. The ACTU will push to raise that to $18. 89 per hour or $717. 70 per week. "According to the OECD, the benchmark for an effective minimum wage is 60 percent of average wages. Our claim will move us towards this target," McManus said. Labor is currently pushing the Coalition government to oppose the recent Fair Work Commission decision to cut weekend and holiday penalty rates for workers in the retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy industries. Labor, the Greens and crossbenchers are rallying behind a bill that would legally protect penalty rates from being lowered, and while recent backflips by the likes of Derryn Hinch and One Nation mean the legislation will likely pass the Senate, the Government's lower-house majority means the bill has little chance of coming into law. Labor leader Bill Shorten has thrown his weight behind the minimum wage boost, saying he would make a submission to that effect this week.

Labor will make a submission today for a fair increase to the minimum wage. Families need a pay rise not a pay cut. Bill Shorten (@billshortenmp) Brendan O'Connor, Labor's shadow minister for employment and workplace relations, was at pains during a Wednesday press conference to stress the minimum wage push isn't meant to offset the penalty rates cut, due to come into effect on July 1, but said workers needed more help. "We've got inequality in this country at a 75-year high, we've got people struggling, the lowest wage growth in a generation. We'd hope the Commission takes the advice we've made to it, in arguing that we don't want to see a decline in. the proportion of the wage to the average wage," he said. O'Connor declined to specifically back the ACTU's push for a $45 wage hike, saying Labor had not decided on a reasonable boost to the minimum wage, but said the number needed to rise. "It's higher than the claims they've made in the past," he said of the ACTU's number. "We want them to understand we need a decent working wage and we don't want a working poor in this country. As to what dollar figure or percentage they come up with, we want to make sure they have regard for people struggling and wage growth is so low. " O'Connor said Labor would keep pushing to protect penalty rates, despite the prospect of losing the fight in the House of Representatives. "We're never going to give up on supporting these workers, we're never going to give up on this Private Members' Bill currently before the House and the Senate," he said. Click below to follow HuffPost Australia Politics on Facebook! ALSO ON HUFFPOST AUSTRALIA

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