why was the vietnam war the first television war

"hand held remote control. " Prior to the "remote" you had to get off the couch and walk to the TV to turn it on, change the channels, or turn it up or down or off. During this same time frame War films and Westerns were the main programs. Cop shows were rare; Dragnet, Car 54, and later Adam 12 were just a few of them. The main programs were War (Rin Tin Tin, Combat, PT109, In Harms Way, They Were Expendable, Pork Chop Hill, From Here to Eternity, McHales Navy, etc. ) and Westerns (Wyatt Earp, The Texas Rangers, Wanted Dead or Alive, Paladin, Johnny Yuma, Roy Rogers, Sky King, etc). So Americans were used to by the 1960s.

Then came Huntley Brinkley News and Walter Cronkite, to name a very few; with live shoot em up film footage in "living color". American GIs being shot down before your very eyes in Vietnam. US jets being blasted from the skies over North Vietnam (footage released from Hanoi) trailing smoke as the American jet twisted and turned falling towards the earth. Sometimes you could even see the pilot eject and his parachute commence to open. sometimes there was no observed chute. One of the common news scenes was dead Americans being dragged to waiting choppers. that was enough! People wanted it ended.

Nearly all people wanted it ended, not just the American public.
Dick Cavett's Watergate б (Premiered August 8, 2014) - This videoб includes interviews with Nixon administration figures, politicians of every stripe, and the very journalists who broke the story and kept it in front of the public every step of the way. The atmosphere of the Cavett show also led many prominent figures from the world of entertainment to weigh in on the Watergate scandal. As Gore Vidal said on the show, БI must get my Watergate fix every morning. Б Dick CavettБs Vietnam (Premiered April 27, 2015) - This videoб examines the conflict and its impact on America through the prism of interviews conducted by the iconic host of БThe Dick Cavett Show.

Б The Vietnam War was the first Бtelevision war. Б Night after night, the evening news broadcast the conflict into living rooms across America. As the country watched coverage of the fighting, Dick CavettБs late night talk show featured thoughtful conversations and often-times spirited debate about the war from all sides of the political spectrum, mirroring the publicБs growing unrest and the divisiveness that was ripping the country apart.

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