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why does my puppy smell like fish

Why does my dog smell like fish? The answer to that question may surprise you
Have you noticed that your furry friend has developed an odor recently? Does the odor smell strongly of fish? Unless your dog has the opportunity to rub herself all over the floor of a fish market, thereвs a good chance that the abnormal smell doesnвt come from a fish at all. Usually, when your dog goes to the bathroom, sheвll express a small amount of fluid from her anal glands (also known as anal sac) along with the feces. However at times, the anal glands do not empty enough or even at all. This could be the result of your dog having frequent soft stools or diarrhea. If your dog does not secrete anal gland fluid when defecating, they may begin to get an odor which has a fish-smell to it. When full, the glands may even leak at inconvenient times. This is when the smell will be the strongest.

Usually, a hard stool will help your dog naturally express her glands without any outside stimulation. However, if the glands do not get expressed, they might become impacted and painful. Do you ever notice that your dog scoots her rear on the floor? Or does she nip at her behind in an attempt to clean or scratch her rear? These are signs that your dogвs anal glands are impacted. If your dog has impacted anal glands, you may want to consider bringing her to the veterinarianвs office or even your dog groomer to have a professional express the glands. Both vets and groomers are very familiar with this process, making it go smoothly, quickly, and comfortably for the dog. Another option is for the dog owner to help excrete the anal sacs at home. If you choose to go this route, invest in gloves, and be sure to complete the process in a calm, confident, and quick manner so that it is less uncomfortable for your dog.

To express your dogвs anal glands at home, locate the anal glands, and massage the area in an upward pattern until fluid is released. Make sure to have a wash cloth to clean up your dog and give her a nice treat for behaving! If your dogвs anal sac becomes impacted, there is also a chance that infection could lead to further complications for your dog. If you notice any blood when your dog scoots or uses the bathroom, contact your veterinarian immediately, as this may be a sign of infection or an even more serious issue. Feeding your dog a diet rich with fiber, but without fillers will help produce firmer stools. The firmer the stools your dog produces, the more likely her anal sac will be to express on its own. Have you ever thought your dog smelled like fish?

Let us know in the comments section. Fiber can often prevent anal sac impaction in dogs. Diets with ample fiber content promote stools with healthy and strong textures, rather than runny and loose ones. Fecal matter with the right texture can apply tension over the anal sacs during the elimination process, which, in turn, triggers their healthy emptying. If you suspect that your dog isn t getting enough fiber in his diet, speak to your veterinarian about putting together a nutritious, fiber-rich meal plan. Also, some dogs just have a tendency to get blocked up and need to be emptied regularly to prevent complications. In which case, you should find a dog groomer that offers anal sac expression as part of their services. This way, when you take your dog in for his regular grooming, you can have them express his glands as well.

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