why does my family hate me quiz

What is your age? What is your gender? It's Thanksgiving and all of your family has come together to celebrate. How are you acknowledged at the event? Positively: My family always wants to know what's new and exciting in my life and like flies to honey, everyone is interested in what I have to say. Hit and Miss: I am not the most popular person at the gathering, but when I greet others, I am generally accepted into conversations. Numbly: People will greet me and ask how I am, but that is as far as the conversation goes. Negatively: No one has any interest in my being at the gathering, thought they talk about me as if I were not there, I am not included in the conversation. Only if I have done something catastrophically good or bad is the only time I am acknowledged and spend the holiday defending myself and viewpoints. You have been in a minor automobile accident where you survived, but are rushed to the ER to be checked over for injuries. Who is the first person in your immediate family that you contact? My Mother: She will drop everything and get to the hospital to be by my side.

My Dad: He's my best friend and will offer some logic solutions to the situation. My Significant Other: The only person I can truly trust. My Best Friend: They will comfort me more than my family, but still my family will show false concern to keep up appearances. No One: If I did contact someone, they would be more concerned about the vehicle than my well being and will just begin a shouting match about how stupid I am. I wouldn't get any support anyway, no matter who's fault the accident was. You are in college and need help with buying books and supplies for classes when you find that you are $100 short, you call your parents what would they most likely say to you? "Ok, I will wire you the money so you will be all set for your classes! "
"You should have budgeted better! I'll see what I can do, but you need to pay it back. " "You always do this to us! We were saving that money for our vacation, now thanks to you we'll have to cancel! " "No.

I don't even know why you even bother to go to college. It's not like you'll make it through anyway. Just come home. " You are out on your own for the first time in you entire life. How did you get there? Decided it was time to get my own place. My parents were against it at first, but they trust me. I was given the option if I went to community college, i could live at home. If not, I had three months to find a job and my own place. I thought the choices were reasonable. I was kicked out because I didn't follow all the house rules. I just left. No one noticed anyway. You are at your family's house and you notice that your siblings can help themselves to whatever type of food or snack they want. When you help yourself you. Pretty much have the same freedom as my siblings. Get caught by a parent and they ask what you are doing with tonight's dessert. Get screamed at as if it was the only food in the house. Don't get that luxury. That food is only for them and they will confiscate it from me as. Do your parents love you?

Yes, of course! They reassure me everyday! Yeah, think so. Sometimes they can be tough on me. As long as I do what I am asked and be pleasant. I was told I wasn't wanted by either parent when I was born. Do you love your family? Absolutely! Yes! More than anything in this world! I hope the love me too I want to. I want to so very badly. No. The next door neighbors son/daughter received honors at high school graduation and held a party for their accomplishment. You also graduate with honors from high school, how does your family celebrate your accomplishment? They also throw a party. They gave me choices on activities or material possessions, but could only have one. My parents bought a new computer that I never get to use. Nothing. They are surprised I stayed in school to graduate let alone with honors. The water in the glass is. You are sick and need to sleep more than usual. What are your family's reactions? They let me sleep and will supply me with liquids and medicine so I feel better.

They will allow me to sleep, however they will consistently bug me about getting up and be productive. They tell me nothing's wrong with me and that it's all in my head while slamming the door. Only making the sickness worse without medicine and food. They'll allow me to sleep a couple hours and then make me get up or make me get up anyway and go through the day like there is nothing wrong with me. What is your age? What is your gender? do ur parents ever say something mean to u and don't say that they r jking? Y would they?! GO AWAY!!! maybe. do u hav a bro or sis? if u do do they make fun of u? i said i didnt hav a bro of a sis!! yup ALL THE TIME!! if u ask ur mom a question what would she say? GO AWAY!! does ur family say i love you? does ur parents search ur room? yup a lot! HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNW?! have ur parents ever fought about something but never fight over u? hav ur parents ever taken u to go shopping? have u ever been punched at school and ur family doesnt care? have u ever fought with ur parents?

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