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why does my facetime not work without wifi

Hello! Checking cellular data in general and for FaceTime was great. Since they are both enabled and you still can't connect to FaceTime, try following
Resetting network settings may help, but keep in mind you will need to re add your WIFI networks. and your device will restart. If the issue is still not resolved, I would recommend backing up your device to iCloud or iTunes and restoring as new to isolate the issue.

If you set up your iPhone as new and you can FaceTime over cellular, then you can try restoring from your backup to retrieve your stuff. If the issue comes back once you restored your backup, that means that you should set up the device as new and manually bring over your stuff as there may be something on your actual device causing the issue.

I hope this helps! If none of the above reasons apply to you, and you still can't make or receive FaceTime calls, follow these steps: Make sure that your device has a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet or a cellular-data connection.

Learn more that restricts Internet access. If you're trying to use FaceTime over cellular, make sure that Use Cellular Data is on for FaceTime. Go to Settings Cellular Cellular Data, and turn on FaceTime. Go to Settings FaceTime and make sure that FaceTime is on. If you see Waiting for Activation, turn FaceTime off and then on again.

Learn. If you don't see the FaceTime setting, make sure that Camera and FaceTime aren't off in Settings General Restrictions. Make sure that you have the correct phone number or email address listed. Go to Settings General Date Time and turn on Set Automatically. Update your device to the.

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