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why does my facebook app say no internet connection

Hey Guys,
I am with virgin and have the exact same issue and I have a samsung s7 but I put a shout to all my mates and used the following links to download FB and Messsenger and guess what it worked no worries!!! The issue is it s not a Play Store Thing. but it s the same for me and works fine. and is a quick solution until they actually provide us with a version of FB that works. :) hope this works Facebook: Messenger: First uninstall your current new apps.

If you download these to your phone, then open them, it should prompt that you are attempting to install from an unknown source (because its not from Play store).

Allow the phone to install from the unknown source this time only and it should install. Guys i've had the same problem as u for a while now and this morning i think i might have solved it.

So i decided to factory reset my phone this morning(i have a galaxy S3 btw, i-747), and when i re-installed cm10 google calendar was telling me to download something. This something is the solution to our problems i think. It told me to download Google Play services.

Now maybe im wrong, but as soon as i downloaded it, i re-installed the facebook app and was able to update my news feed and everything. Yes, i am running the newest version of facebook. So maybe u guys can try this out, good luck to you!

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