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why does my monitor flicker when i turn it on

I have 2 SyncMaster 226 BW on my Nvidia 8800GTX for about 5 years. They are almost always running. 1 month before, I noticed flicks on startup on my primary monitor, just like you mentioned. As time passed, the flicking time increased. Now it takes about a minute. But the second monitor is qorking still perfectly.

Note that both monitors runtime in 5 years were same, regardless of being primary or secondary displays. I aggree about warm up issue, but 1 monitor is not doing that. There must be a failure on warm up component on the monitor maybe (is there is one).

Or this must be the way of an LCD monitor saying "Replace me"
I consider any monitor giving over 3yrs. of service a blessing. Since yours is 4yrs. old you got your money's worth, IMHO. As Robert stated, any repair cost is going to look bad when applied to new monitor cost.

Afterall, most new monitors are offering great displays and if you have CRT type, then a LCD one will be appealing. If you want your old monitor to work again, there's only a repair service should do. High voltages are present and depending on your skill may(not) be up your alley, so consider a pro to do it.

Your symptoms, appears due to wear tear more than likely it can't scan as well or the HV is going out. Also, I find getting certain electronics a difficult task if you don't part take into ordering parts regularly as sources vary if you plan to repair.

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