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why does my humax freesat box freeze

hirot - 2 hours ago Don't know if it helps but I have a new freesat connected top a Sony and it was freezing up on power up with only the volume buttons working. Humax suggested formatting the disc or returning the box. Didn't sound a good idea. Decided it was some sort of timing fault so I went into the Sony TV and disabled HDMI and then set it to find the HDMI sets out there. Found the Humax and when I flicked back all was OK the Humax was unfrozen. Looks like a message is lost or not answered. How do I get Humax to both recognise this and fix it as I don't think it is a Sony problem as the TV controls the DVD recorder with no problems. Was it HDMI-CEC that you disabled? Never seen a TV setting that you could disable HDMI - You could just unplug it.
How to fix the Humax PVR-9200T if you are getting problems with it freezing / locking / crashing. (Also my experience with the : clock problem in standby and the 9200T s failure to record in this mode. ) I have owned the Humax PVR-9200T for a good few years now and it has changed the way we watch TV as a family. б Bought when the kids were younger because inevitably there was something we wanted to watch at their bedtime.

This generally entailed one of us watching the beginning of the program and then filling the other in once the kids were settled. б The ability to pause TV was, and is, just brilliant, when the phone rings or unexpected guests arrive etc. б but recently the player started to freeze/lock or the remote control would have no effect and although the program could still be viewed the only way to regain control of the unit was to switch it on and off at the mains.

I was convinced the only way to solve the problem was to reformat the hard drive but luckily I took my partners advice and called the excellent Humax support 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline). Within minutes they had emailed me the fix, and here, to save you the bother of picking up the phone is the solution they sent: When the receiver restarts, power off Power ON the receiver will then search for the channels. I hope it works for you too. Enjoy. UPDATE 02/08/2011: I am now experiencing the dreaded : clock problem and have found. This is when the clock displays : in standby and won t record from this mode. I haven t tried the posted solution yet but by the comments it seems to work. I will post my findings when I get around to it.

UPDATE 03/08/2011: I have just contacted Humax and a new clock board can be purchased for a little over бе30. 00. However the support engineer suggested that I tried cleaning it as described in the above thread. So I think I will give that a go first. UPDATE 06/08/2011: So today I removed the clock board following the guidelines and cleaned it as listed above. It took me about 45 minutes in all to dismantle, clean and reassemble. I used surgical spirit from a local pharmacy and about 5 cotton buds. It worked! and it is quite simple to do, just take your time and hey presto П Besides, even if it doesn t it s certainly worth a try before shelling out бе30 for a new board. If you have a question on any of the above then please post a comment for the benefit of all

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