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why does my mole have a white ring around it

(US spelling, nevus) is an otherwise normalP
with a white ring, or halo, around it. The central dark brown fades from dark brown to light brown to pink, eventually disappearing completely. P acquisitum centrifugum. P? (US plural, nevi) are not uncommon, with an estimated of 1% of the white-skinned population. They are usually seen in healthy children or young adults of either sex. They can occur at an older age too. loss,P, and halo disorders. They may rarely arise as a reaction to advancedP PandPin patients with or immune checkpoint inhibitors. develop is not fully understood. They are currently classified as in origin. may be triggered byP PorPlocal trauma, which causes the mole to be recognised by the immune system as foreign, resulting in attack by circulating.

PThe reaction also affects the normal skin around the mole, which also has cells in it, causing. P stress. are most often found on the trunk. They are less common on the head, and are rare on the limbs. The affected that are or have arisen during childhood. Halo may follow theP, arising within a mole that has been injured in some way. P The white halo is usually about 0. 5 to 1. 0 cm wide and is (round or oval in shape). The halos develop at intervals round one or several moles, but not around all of them. P. It may take several years to complete the cycle. Multiple halo can be at different stages. Stage 2: The mole may become pinker or less pigmented, and fades away P. diagnosed? is a clinical diagnosis.

A full skin examination should be performed (especially in adults), as rarely, halo can be triggered by the presence of aP melanoma Pelsewhere. P Occasionally, if it has atypical features such as irregularity in structure or colour,. P. reaction;Pa cluster of grey dots may be observed on dermatoscopy. Other features of melanoma are present, such as irregular structure and colour. keratosis undergoing regression. Where there is doubt about the diagnosis, the whole should be excised for histopathological examination. Partial could be misleading. Apart from an explanation, no treatment is normally required for halo. P. Cover up or applyP Pduring summer to prevent.

PPP Surgery is not usually necessary. Related Information Originally asked by Community Member kris I have a mole that looks normal, raised, brown, the size of a pencil eraser but this summer it developed a white ring around it. Is this something to worry about? I think I know what you are talking about as I have a couple of these myself. I pointed them out to my dermatologist who told me that these are called halo moles. Basically the body has decided to attack the pigment and eventually the mole will disappear completely. БSometimes halo moles are triggered by sunburn that damages the mole and causes it to be recognized by the body as foreign. A circulating antibody and special white cells (T cells) attack the pigment cells in the mole.

This causes the central mole to fade from dark brown to light brown to pink, eventually disappearing completely. Б You do want to get your halo mole checked by a dermatologist as it can be part of ББa more generalized pigment loss, vitiligo, or in melanoma. Б My halo moles were no problem and simply vanished over time but you do want to get yours checked out just to be sure. Hope this helps some. Thank you for your question. You should know Answers to your question are meant to provide general health information but should not replace medical advice you receive from a doctor. No answers should be viewed as a diagnosis or recommended treatment for a condition. Answered by:

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