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why does my dog lick his pee

Seeing your pooch drink his own pee can be a pretty distasteful sight. Worries about diseases and health problems will pop into your mind, as you rush towards him to get him to stop. Although the exact cause of urine drinking is unknown, this behaviour has been observed in pooches that have urinary tract infections (UTI). These infections would make them feel really thirsty, so they often end up drinking whatever liquid that they re able to find. Another possible reason is his environment it can be hard to kick the habit if your furkid was caged up at birth, as most inhumanely caged animals resort to drinking their pee when they aren t provided with sufficient water. Male pooches also often taste a female s urine to know if she is in heat.

Even if she has been spayed, this instinct can still make a dog drink a female s urine. If you catch Fido drinking his own pee, it s safe to say that no harm will come from it as there is nothing in there that wasn t already in his body! However, it is important not to let him do this often as it isn t good for his hydration. Drinking other pooch s pee is also a big no-no as it might contain harmful diseases. What can I do to prevent this from happening? If you suspect that Fido is suffering from UTI, do take him to a vet to get it treated. If he passed his health check and is fit as a fiddle, then some re-training may be needed to help curb this habit of his. Always make sure there is fresh water nearby your furkid s favourite spots, and if you catch Fido in the act, clap your hands or make a loud noise to distract him and thus prevent him from drinking further.

Point him towards the direction of the water and praise him after he has drunk from the water bowl.
Nope. He most likely has Cushing's disease. Basic symptoms include: excessive thirst, excessive urination, and constant wandering around and around and around and around. I mean NON STOP WANDERING! Which, by the way increases caloric output. and you know that means a subsequent need to increase the caloric intake (i. e. eating like a pig! ). Other symptoms are: drinking their own urine, and one very bizarre symptom which I refer to as the 'Stop n Stare'.

While wandering they just stop. and stare! I liken it to myself running out the door to work and stopping in my tracks to think "Uh oh. I'm forgetting something, I just know it". This is constant. By the way, the stop and stare, and the urine drinking, are never listed under Cushing's symptoms but I have now had 4 dogs with the disease and I'd swear under oath it is an ominous sign! Google it; I can almost guarantee he has it. Also, lock the dog door during the day and watch how often he 'asks' to go outside. If he has it you'll be stunned at how often he's asking to go potty. Dachshunds Beagles are notorious for developing Cushing's. My 21 year old beagle has Cushing's, both his mom, dad, and sister had it. As well as a 17 yr old dachshund I cared for last year.

I'm VERY well versed in the disease! You can ask your vet to run an 'Alkaline Phosphate' (referred to in medical field as an 'Alk Photos' (pronounced Alk Fos), just tell em that you suspect Cushing's. It's a cheap lab test which will give you an idea as to whether or not you're on the right track. I asked my vet, he ran it 'against his better judgement' and the test results were so high they wouldn't even register. The vet said "you're absolutely right" and we did more testing to determine which kind of Cushing's he had. I'd been convinced of my dogs diagnosis for months, he literally had every single symptom. After 41 days of medication it was like we'd gone back in time 5 years!

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why does my dog lick up pee
why does my dog lick up his own pee
why does my dog drink his urine
why does my dog drink his pee
why does my dog drink his own pee
why does my dog drink her own urine
why does my dog lick his pee