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why does my mobile broadband keep disconnecting

Hello. Did this issue ever get resolved? I am using a K4504 modem on a Windows 7 laptop with Mobile Connect Lite version 9. 4. 8. 21929. I have been having the same problem off-and-on for the past year. It happens almost everyday, and sometimes more than once. I have tested on Windows XP and WIndows Vista laptops, with the same results, so I don't think that it is the software version I am on, though I might upgrade and see if that helps. Here is what happens in my case:
1. Randomly, my computer emits a sound indicating that a USB devices has been disconnected (same sound you get if you just unplugged it). I note the time. 2. I check, and find that I no longing have a network connection. 3. The light is no longer on, nor flashing, on the devide. 4. MCL says it is searching for a device. 5. Device manager says the device is still there. 6. Phone Modems says the device is still there and functioning properly. 7. I go to "safely remove the device", but Control Panel says the device is still in use. 8.

After a time, MCL says "No device. " 9. I can then safely remove the device, and I get the audible sound from the laptop that the device has been removed. 10. MCL immediately starts looking for the device, but can't find it. 11. I reinsert the device and get two audible sounds when the device is ready. It immediately starts flashing. 12. MCL eventually finds it after what seems a long period of time, but then can't connect and I get two dialog boxes. Sometimes, I actually get the dialog that says I have to enter the PIN, though this is quite rare and random. At this point, if I call my service provider to check on the status of my account, they tell me that I have logged off at the same time as the drop (#1 from above). Sometimes, the modem is quite warm to the touch after a drop; but most times, it is not. I do use the extension cable, but have tested without it, as well, and still got drops. 1.

I safely remove the device (one audible tone) and shut down MCL. 2. I reinsert the device (two audible tones), and wait about 15 seconds. 3. I restart MCL. After some time, I am connected. Now, we have both EDGE and 3G. I get 3 bars on 3G and 5 bars on EDGE. I have MCL set to 3G only because random switching between 3G and EDGE was getting annoying, too. It didn't seem to affect the drop situation, as I get it when I have 3G Preferred or 3G Only selected. I have never noticed the drop happening when I was connected to EDGE (can't be 100% sure, but I also can't recall seeing it happen). I have never had the drop occur when not connected to the network (i. e. , I manually disconnected, and then had it drop after sometime). Also, this is the third modem I have received on my account, as the service provider originally thought the drops might be a defective modem.

Also, I don't think it is something I have added or from another USB device because I recently had to rebuild a laptop and tested this problem with a PC that had just had Window 7 reinstalled with no external USB devices added -- no mouse, no printers and no other modems. And still, I get this problem. And interestingly enough, the modem that I am now using has no wireless port of any kind installed -- yes, they still make those, so the drop isn't being caused by another wireless device that I have. Clearly, this is an issue between the laptop and the modem, and not the modem and the network; however, is it possible that some interference/signal from the network is forcing a drop? I know that my provider can log me off remotely (probably a "kill"), because I have been with them when they did it so they could update some settings on my account and I was logged in at the time. Is it possible that the EDGE signal is so strong that it is interferring with the 3G signal, or maybe even a signal from another network?

Anyway, I would like to hear if any progress has been made on this issue; otherwise, I will probably have to find another service provider because this is just too annoying. Thanks, A full system reset has been done but I still have the same issue. I still get a slow blinking 4G Blue light after a period of time. This period is random from an hour to twelve, it used to stay up for days. Nothing wrong with the signal in the area as I have 3 other devices on EE 4G, it looks like the Wifi Router is disconnecting itself from the EE network. Instead of restarting the Wifi you can log onto the device and go to the connection tab you can re-connect. However, this is no good to me. I need this connection always ON as I have devices that need a permanant internet connection without manual intervention.

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