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why does my hp laptop screen go black

I had similar problem with my HP Pavilion DV5000 laptop. the laptop would boot but the screen just won't come up, it stays completely blank. The good thing is when I connect it to the external VGA Monitor then it comes up correctly on both screens. I first thought may be the inverter or backlight is gone. but since the laptop screen comes up when connected to VGA monitor, I figured out the there is no hardware problem with the laptop monitor. I felt the issue might be due to loose connection with some cable, so I have the removed the screen and rechecked all connections. nothing was loose or moving. 1) it turned out to be a software issue with the Nvidia driver for windows 7. 2) Right click on the desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel. 3) Select Display - Set up multiple Displays. and in the options select The same on both displays(Clone). 4) After selecting this and rebooting, I never had black screen issue on my laptop.

Note: I had this issues with my laptop only after upgrading to windows 7 OS. Hope this helps others who might be facing this issue. Gaming Laptop Randomly Shuts Off In The Middle Of Use I have a brand new laptop (hp) and everytime I type, the screen turns black My brand new HP laptop will display the login screen, but once I log in, the screen goes black.

It tries to boot, but all I ge My laptop updated it self and now my cursor sits at the middle of the start screen and I can t move it or use the keyboard. I HP Laptop screen shows weird random colors and no content and get fixed by moving the screen lid back and forth many times My brand new hp laptop is now black but I hear the fan still after unplugging my laptop from my tv (I was watching Netflix all Hp laptop turns on then the screen goes blank. Brand new screen.

Can t use my new kraken pro mic on my hp pavillion laptop why is my brand new acer aspire e15 laptop go black when i plug it in I can t go back to duplicate display because my laptop screen is destroyed and I only use VGA Monitor What sort of monitor should i get to use my hp laptop with broken screen? Just bought HP Laptop for $400 during Black Friday - is it good enough for all purpose use? Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, cant even use vaio recovery Laptop screen goes black if pushed back when gaming using the dedicated card. Brand New Laptop, Almost all 16GB of RAM in Use

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