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why does my microsoft word keep crashing

Every time I pull up a document either to read or write in Microsoft word, a message pops up saying, We're sorry, but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Word will need to be closed as a result. Would you like us to
repair now? and then it has three buttons you can click on- either a Repair Now button which automatically shuts down word, a Close button that also automatically shuts it down, or a Help button which took me to this page. Any help to fixing this issue would be useful. I write all my, case studies and marketing plans in Microsoft Word. Everything! When I worked in technical writing, I wrote very long user guides and in Word, some which were more than 200 pages long.

So, how do you write large reports in Microsoft Word that dont crash? The biggest problems when writing long documents in Word, such as Annual Reports, tend to involve formatting, styles, graphics, tables, and bullets. In Word 2007, click Microsoft Office button, Word Options and Save Tab. Heres how to make sure your Word documents dont crash. Formatting dont cut and paste material directly from one file into another. This in the target Word file. Instead convert it to plain text and then import it. Apply the correct styles in the source document, for example, your Business Plan. Styles create specific styles and avoid over-riding the default settings. Avoid using the default settings in the Normal. com template file.

Instead spend a few hours and develop a bullet proof Microsoft Word template. Then use this for all your business writing. While this takes time up front, it saves more time in the long run. Graphics ЕC dont cut/paste graphics into Word. Instead, either reference the images with Insert, Picture and then Reference OR add the images to a new folder and add them from there. The problem with pasting in images is that if the Microsoft Word document is at capacity ЕC and you paste the image ЕC it may crash and destroy the formatting, text, and image locations. Insert graphics after the core content has been written! Tables dont use the default Word auto-format settings.

Instead create new Tables and add these to your business template. Keep the design simple and make sure it prints out cleanly. Avoid using striped tables. These degrade when you print and also can look very different when saved to PDF. Bullets use styles to create bullets, numbered and other types of lists. Avoid using the toolbar and menu options to create bullets and try to avoid over-rides. Bullet lists will cause more damage than any other feature in Word, especially if you cut/paste from different documents. See. Default Setting in Word ЕC Turn off Allow Fast Save and Save Auto Recover. In Word 2003, go to Tools, Options, Save, Allow Fast Save. In Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office button, then Word Options and the Save Tab.

Language ЕC Make sure this is set to the correct language setting. Why? If you try to insert characters from other languages you may create a conflict in the Normal. dot file. Also, if your language settings are in, for example, French and you do a Spellcheck, it wont find the spelling error you expected. Other good habits ЕC dont leave the file open when you leave the desk. Instead, close it when you go for a break. If you leave the file open all day ЕC and keep making saves ЕC Microsoft Word will keep making TEMP files in the background that incrementally increase the file size. Those are a few ways to reduce the file size of your business and technical documents.

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