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why does my dog lick himself like a cat

See if this sounds familiar: After going for a long walk with your dog and feeding her, you sit down to relax. She comes over, so you start petting her, but as soon as you do, the licking begins. YouБre not a fan, but it isnБt a big deal at firstБ and then it progresses until sheБs slobbering all over your face. This happens every single time you offer affection! Why? Dogs lick their pack members and themselves for many reasons, and if you want to curb the behavior, it helps to understand its cause. We taste good If your dog is licking their bowl, the floor after a spill, or the counter after youБve been cooking, you might pretty easily come to the conclusion that they simply like the taste. But did you know that the same thing can be true when theyБre licking us? Sometimes we have tiny food particles that they can taste, and beyond that, dogs enjoy the salt on our skin.

Grooming You might not think of your pup as particularly concerned with hygiene, but dogs often lick to clean themselves, just like cats. Pay close attention, though, because excessive anal cleaning can indicate that the glands need to be expressed. Healing Dog saliva has enzymes that kill off bacteria, and when a dog licks himself, it helps to get rid of dead tissue and clean dirt from wounds. Some dogs, however, just canБt stop themselves and may actually reopen wounds or cause other kinds of harm through excessive licking. Compulsion Speaking of excessive licking, if you notice that your dog is licking the same object or area over and over or that they seem to be doing so whenever they are scared or nervous, it might be time to seek medical help.

While licking can be a healthy stress reliever, obsessive licking merely reinforces anxiety and makes the problem worse. Communication Dogs lick other dogs to tell them all sorts of things: everything from БIБm hungryБ to БI submit to youБ to БLetБs be friends. Б They do this with people as well, but weБre typically not as good at interpreting the message. If your dog is licking you with intensity, take a look around and see if something is amiss. Maybe the water bowl is empty or the doggie door is closed. Chances are your dog needs something. Affection This is the most common reason that domestic dogs lick and tends to be the kind of licking most pet parents want to change. Licking for affection causes your dog to release pleasurable endorphins that calm and comfort them, but sometimes it can just get to be too much for people.

If you want your dog to stop, ignore them and walk into another room whenever it begins. Eventually they will learn that licking causes you to leave, which isnБt what they want. We all love dogs, but are there any dog behaviors that are annoying to you? Let it out in the comments.
6. Italian greyhound Image: Although a loving breed, this is not the main reason the Italian greyhound is like the cat instead, it's his need to chase after any intruders. And like some cat breeds, the greyhound does best with adults and elderly owners. More: 7. Whippet Like a kitty, the whippet enjoys spending his day relaxing around the house. And though he enjoys a run or two outside, similar to the cat he's intelligent and quiet. 8. Shiba Inu Daring, courageous and extremely pleasant to be around, the is cat-like in more than just his temperament.

He enjoys keeping himself clean and groomed, and you'll often catch this pup meticulously licking himself like his kitty friends do. 9. Mi-Ki Image: Laid-back like most cat breeds, the Mi-Ki is a very relaxed pooch. Liking all humans strangers included he's a very friendly guy. Smart and adaptable, it's difficult for a human to dislike being around a loving breed such as this. 10. Poodle Perhaps the least to resemble its kitty friends, the poodle is similar to the feline for the fact that he loves no one more than he loves himself. A dog who carries himself with merit, he may also believe he owns the house in the same way cats feel this. Enjoying a lot of activity, he's bound to get into mischief if bored.

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