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why does my mcafee firewall turn off

My firewall also turns itself off. I Ihave McAfee Security Centre version 11. 6, Virus Scan 15. 6, Personal Firewall 12. 6, Antispam 12. 6, Quickclean and shredder 11. 6, Parental controls 13. 6. Windows firewall is on though. Windows Firewall and Base Filtering Engine are both in the 'Started' and 'Automatic' positions. If you are having issue of Firewall keeps off and cannot be turned on, please try following steps:
Click "Navigation" on top-right, click "General Settings and Alerts" under Settings, click "Access Protection", uncheck "Use Access Protection", click "Apply" button.

Press WIN + R, type "regedit. exe", press ENTER. If Windows prompts whether to run the program, answer "Yes". In Registry Editor, navigate to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesMcMPFSvc, double click on "Start" on the right, change its value to 2, click "OK" button.

In Registry Editor, if there is a sub-key named "Security" under key "McMPFSvc", right click on it and select "Delete" from menu. Warning: please make sure right click on "Security", not "McMPFSvc". Close Registry Editor, re-enable Access Protection by reverting what has been done in step 2, reboot machine. After reboot, open McAfee Security Center, click "Navigation", then "Firewall" to make sure Firewall is now ON. I hope this is Windows 7 SP1 (check that by right-clicking Computer on your desktop or in the Start Menu and select Properties) plus you should by now have IE11 installed, whether or not you use IE as your browser. (McAfee uses IE for functionality anyway).

Try saving the MVT installer to your desktop first, then right-click and select "Run as Administrator".

If nothing happens when you try to install MVT this could be due to several reasons but the main one would be, are you signed in as an Adminstrative-level user? (As distinct from a Standard user who can't normally install anything), or it could be due to malware. If the latter try Stinger and Malwarebytes Free both linked in the last link in my signature below. To keep the latter free of charge do NOT accept the free trial.

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