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why should the drinking age be raised to 21

Main problem with drinking is binge drinking, and this is mainly with people under 18. Need to follow examples of countries like France, who introduce alcohol in a controlled setting (watered down wine with a meal) from a young age, so when people become older, approaching legal age, they know how to drink responsibly. No it shouldn't be raised!!! The only reason the drinking age was raised was because the federal government gave grant/money to the states to fund the construction of highways but with one condition, the states raise the drinking age to 21. So all states adopted this, because who doesn't want free money. Now states have found ways around this, for example being able to drink at 16 as long as it is only in your home with your parents consent. No it shouldn't. Raising the age will cause more people buying illegally. The problem isn't the age, it's the education of parents. If the age is raised to 21 then 18 year olds might as well not be considered as adults, if they can still vote then why should the age be raised? The sad part of it all is they think this is the biggest problem in SA, why not focus on bigger problems in SA? PATHETIC. I'm in America where you have to be 21 to drink. I disagree. You can drive at 16. Smoke at 18. Go to war at 18. But not drink? Ridiculous. It doesn't curb underage drinking either.

I started drinking at 14. So you should be able to drink at 21. If youВre desperate to get alcohol, you will get it. Regardless of the age, you will always find someone who is willing to buy you the alcohol youВre not able to buy. In germany itВs actually legal to buy alcoholic drinks with 10% vol at the age of 16 and we do not have great underage drinking problems. Kids have to learn about alcohol! And if they are able to buy drink beer or something like that, they can find out about what alcohol does to you without getting super-drunk very easily. It might be good though to raise the drinking age of spirits with more than about 25% vol to 21. The reason for this, is because your children could get up to a lot worse than consuming a bit of alcohol. If anything it is going to create a more disobedient generation. What are they going to replace with alcohol? Drugs? Sex? Peer pressure can lead to a lot worse. Therefore the drinking age shouldn't raised, it won't be very affective in the long run.
Pressure is mounting for Australian governments to raise the legal drinking age to 21 to protect the health of young people whose brains are still vulnerable to the toxicity of alcohol at 18, leading health experts say. P Four professors of mental health and public health have joined a growing list of influential Australians to call for a new legal drinking age that would bring Australia in line with the US where people cannot buy alcohol until they are 21.

They say raising the age limit would protect young people from the brain damage that can be caused by too much alcohol and the harms associated with being drunk, such as car accidents and violence. P Writing in the Medical Journal of Australia, John Toumbourou of Deakin Universitys School of Psychology, PIan Hickie of the Brain & Mind Research Institute, Kypros Kypri of the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle, and Sandra Jones from the Centre for Health Initiatives at the University of Wollongong, said there was increasing evidence that the accessibility of alcohol from the age of 18 was causing great harm to young people. P For example, they said a survey of 260 people aged 17 to 19 during end-of-school celebrations on the Queensland Gold Coast in 2010 showed P75 per cent played drinking games, 64 per cent consumed more than 10 drinks per night, and one in five had unprotected sex, in some cases with multiple partners. P The professors said evidence from the US and Canada suggested lifting the drinking age to 21 decreased rates of alcohol-related harm.

P In the US, they said a review of 17 studies in various states that raised the legal drinking age found the average number of young people involved in road accidents decreased 16 per cent. Furthermore, they said research in some Canadian provinces showed that a higher minimum legal purchasing age reduced the number of young people being hospitalised due to alcohol use disorder, alcohol poisoning, suicidal behaviour and traffic crash injuries. The evidence strongly suggests that raising the minimum purchasing age for alcohol would reduce youth alcohol-related harm in Australia, they wrote. P The professors demand for a debate on a law change follows similar calls from the Australian Medical Association, Ita Buttrose, and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. P The professors said that while the federal government could broker a coordinated agreement to amend all relevant regulations in the states to increase the legal purchasing age to 21, they could also follow the US government, which required all states to pass some form of age-21 purchasing legislation to receive funding for new highways. P Less challenging options included raising the legal purchasing age to 19 or 20, restricting the amount and types of alcohol young people could purchase or banning use in public places. P

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why do you have to be 21 to drink alcohol
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