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why does my psp not turn on

My psp quit, nothing worked no lights the screen nothing, I tried taking the battery out and pluging the adapter in did not work, so I did some research online and it said it could be the adapter cord, and they said it could also be the battery, or a fuse in the back of the psp. I really did not want to spend a lot for something that might not work. So I tried taking my psp apart it is a lot harder than it looks, I could not get it all the way apart, but I could see a little inside still could not find the fuse they had mentioned, so I put it all back together, and was about to throw it away when I got another idea, they said it could be the adapter power cord, so I was wondering how to test it, but had no tools too.

So I hooked it up to my pc using the USB port and and the charging power cord i got from gamestop and sure enough the yellow light come on.

I did have to wait a few minutes for the psp to power on but that worked for me.
[QUOTE="apples001"]If you go back about 3 pages you'll see my other thread with the story about how it happened, but to sum it all up: i got a little TINY bit of docter pepper in my PSP and i tried using spit to remove it. Now my psp will not turn on. Here is a list of abnormalities. 1.

THE PSP WILL NOT TURN ON(ZOMFG!!!! ) 2. Whenever I give it a power source (battery, adapter, power block) the light will turn on by itself. 3. The light is green overlapping with orange so the system thinks it's charging but also on and not charging at the same time 4. THE PSP WILL NOT TURN ON(ZOMFG!!!! ) So to remove so liquid you spilt IN it you added more.?????? Oh well time to move with the times and get a vita.

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