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why does my male cat still spray after being neutered

Help cats adjust to any new family members. A new baby can cause spraying as your cat wants to make sure his territory is not being invaded. You need to ease your cat into this transition to make sure he doesn't start spraying. Keep on a schedule, even if it's tough. When the new baby, your schedule will probably change dramatically.

Try as best you can to keep consistent with your cats feeding, sleeping, litter box cleaning schedule. Do not give your cat extra attention before the baby arrives, as he will become accustom to added affection.

This will result in a bigger letdown when the baby comes, which might make your cat act out for attention. Introduce new toys and baby supplies to your cat by letting him smell and examine them after unwrapping. Anything with a new or unfamiliar smell can cause spraying.
If your vet rules out a medical cause for the spraying, ask for suggestions on how to deal with the behavior.

The solution may be as simple as moving the litter box, especially if your cat sprays in the same spot over and over. You may need to try another type of litter or litter box.

Never punish him, because that will stress him more and could cause additional spraying. In the most extreme cases, you may need to consult a behaviorist or put the cat on anti-anxiety medication -- but donвt take those steps without checking with your vet.

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why does my neutered male cat still spray
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why does my male cat spray after being neutered
why does my cat spray after being neutered
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