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why does my horse stomp his foot

You can't just look at one thing to tell what a horse is telling you. You have to look at any and all of the other things they are doing. How are his ears? Are they pinned or up? Is his tail swishing, like swatting a fly? Either of those could mean that he is irritated and wants to be left alone. If he is just stomping or pawing, he may be excited or is trying to find a comfortable position to eat. Is he lame in that leg? Are his hooves uneven or need a trim? It is possible that he is testing you. Horses in a new setting or herd know that they are at the bottom of the pecking order. After some time, be it a couple weeks or a couple months, they will start to test the waters if the can move up, whether it is with new horses or new owners.

This doesn't only show up at feeding time but may start there. Has he changed in behavior while leading or riding? Posted via Mobile Device
QR it is certainly feather mites or also referred to as Chorioptic mange. I had a cob which had them when I bought him, treated him and he has never suffered since. I did a lot of research at the time and it is during the colder winter months that the numbers of these mites can increase to huge numbers which then in turn cause great irritation to the horses legs. Ditto about Frontline as I used it to treat my horse with effect. I struggled do to his feathers so cut them off, hibiscrubbed area first, so clean and then dry. Treated all his legs up to and above the knee ( basically where I had seen blood specks from him biting himself) and then repeated it ten days later.

In between though I removed all his stable bedding. Disinfected the stable with diluted Jeyes fluid and put louse powder in any cracks and crevices I could find. This I repeated after the second treatment. Never had a problem since and feather grew back lovely. Personally I would clip down feathers before treating if you are going to use Frontline if the feathers are particularly thick as Fipronil the active ingredient needs to reach the skin, and these mites live just under it ( well usually under the scabs their irritation causes), so you need to get the Frontline down deep under the fur to reach them. From memory although Theresa will confirm this.

Pig oil and sulphur which I have used in the past does not kill the mites if they are present but should prevent re-infestation. It is mainly the oil that the mites do not like as they do not like the oily skin and fur. Flowers of Sulphur is used to treat skin conditions. It is anti-fungal and antiseptic according to online sources. It kills lice, not sure about mites though? Pig oil and sulphur or pig oil on its own is very good to use to help keep feathers in tip top condition through the winter and to combat conditions like mud fever ( Theresa will tell you though if you pm her, she has the gorgeous Clydesdales in her signature and avatar). Good luck to OP. Your horse will feel much better when they are gone, believe me, mine did

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