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why does my dog keep staring at nothing

Greetings Fellow Pekies,
Last week we received a request from one of our readers for information as to why her dog just sits and stares into space sometimes, and we love that because this is what we want; you letting us know what you would like information about. While it is a bit difficult to give a specific response to the question Why does my dog just sit and stare into space? without having more information, we will attempt to give you some possible reasons for these actions. Staring off into space can be caused by dementia, eyesight problems, infections that can disorient the dog, because the dog is sensing or hearing something that you are just not able to see or hear, to gain attention, something in the walls, or a seizure. Natural reasons for a dog staring include: Sensing or Hearing Something : Canines have incredible hearing; they can hear things very far away and can also pick up noises at different frequencies than we can (the canine frequency range is 40kHz VS ours of only 20kHz. When inside the home and confined by walls, a dog may hear something outside that you cannot hear, and, its interest being piqued, it will concentrate on that noise to identify it and to learn more about it.

Attention Seeking: Sometimes a dog will stare to gain attention. If a dog senses that it will get its owner s attention by just sitting and staring at nothing it may purposely do this in order for his owners to come over to him, talk and pat it. Hidden Creatures : A dog could also seem to be staring at nothing when it looks at the wall or the ceiling, but it may be doing so because there is something scrabbling about there that you cannot hear, such as a mouse. Health: A dog may also sit and stare into space due to eyesight problems or because it is sick and has a fever from something such as a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that is disorienting it. If your dog seems confused, distant, or lost, or sometimes just sits and stares off into space, it may be showing signs of a severe thought processing problem known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), also known as Doggie Dementia. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is similar to Alzheimers in humans, and is caused by physical changes in the brain and its chemicals, mainly from old age.

Although the initial symptoms of the disorder are mild, they gradually worsen over time, also known as Бcognitive decline. Б Clinical signs of cognitive dysfunction syndrome are found in 50% of dogs over the age of 11, and by the age of 15, 68% of dogs display at least one sign. Symptoms of CCD, include various stages of confusion and disorientation. Your dog may have CCD if it displays a number of the following behaviours: Is withdrawn and unwilling to play, go for walks, or even go outside Does not recognize or is startled by family members, toys, etc. Frequently trembles or shakes, either while standing or lying down Has difficulty learning new tasks, commands, or routes Frequently soils in the house, regardless of the frequency she is brought outside Sleeps more during the day, less during the night Stares at walls or into space and is startled by interior lighting, the television, etc. Seeks less and less of your attention, praise, and play Is hesitant to take treats, drink fresh water, or eat fresh food If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, you should take him or her to the vet right away.

CCD is treatable, but there are also other diseases that can cause similar symptoms and you need to know what you and your dog are dealing with. We will cover Doggie Dementia in a separate article soon. One reason for your dog staring into space could be due to what is known as an Absence Seizure, which is the term given to a staring spell. This type of seizure is a brief (usually less than 15 seconds) disturbance of brain function due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Absence Seizures are a mild form of epilepsy also referred to as petit mals, and tend to cloud consciousness without convulsions. Depending on the authority quoted, petit mals are described as either very rare or usually unrecognised in animals. Signs are brief (seconds) duration of unconsciousness, loss of muscle tone, blank stare, and possibly upward rotation of eyes. According to one authority (Kay), the term petit mal is misused by veterinarians and should only be accorded to cases manifesting very specific clinical signs and EEG abnormalities.

We will cover seizures/epilepsy in a separate article soon. Until Next time! Pekeout! Aggi e My lab will stare at the backdoor and then not go through it. PGetting to the point where his hackles will stand up and he will let out low barks (with or without me standing in front of the door). PHe has done this for years and the behavior comes up every now and then, the rest of the time he is fine with the door. Back to the spirit thing, a few years after I bought my house I found out that a lady died at the back door. PNow that is freaky and even though I'm not into the paranormal things that much, when I am at home alone and he won't go by the door I get a little freaked out. P So, I'm guessing if it is the spirit thing, it is more of a reaction or at least his reaction (not staring alone) that honestly freaks me out. But I tell myself it must be in his head, since the others don't do it. I may get the pest thing checked out, but occassionally my pets will stare off and as they always lay in the same spot. It may seem like they are always staring the same way.

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