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why should olive oil not be used as a fuel

Vegetable oils in food, fuel and emulsions and trans fats
Vegetable oils are important nutrients and provide a lot of energy. You must be careful not to eat excessive amounts to avoid becoming overweight. Vegetable oils are also used as fuels for vehicles. Some of this biodiesel is made from waste cooking oil and rapeseed oil. Such fuels are carbon neutral, which means that they release only as much carbon dioxide when they burn as was used to make the original oil by photosynthesis The chemical change that occurs in the leaves of green plants. It uses light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Oxygen is produced as a by-product of photosynthesis. This helps to reduce global warming. However, some people are concerned about whether it is ethical to use food crops in this way, instead of using them to feed hungry people. Vegetable oils do not dissolve in water. If a mixture of oil and water is shaken, then left to stand, eventually a layer of oil will form on the surface of the water. If an emulsifier is added to the oil and water, a mixture called an emulsion forms. Emulsions are more viscous than oil or water on their own, and contain tiny droplets of one of the liquids spread through the other liquid.

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils may contain trans fats. These are thought to cause health problems such as heart disease in humans, and food manufacturers are being encouraged to reduce the amount of them in our food. 1. To maintain good performance you must make sure to have the most appropriate fat among the basic macronutrients. The extra virgin olive oil, for its chemical profile is in fact the perfect fat for sports, for the presence of: g Monounsaturated fatty acids, g Vitamin E, g Polyphenols. 2. For a sport of resistance like cycling, first carbohydrates, then fat is the main fuel, but not every fat is healthy. We know that trans fats serve no good purpose and should be avoided. Saturated fats come from animals and can contribute to high cholesterol levels. Athletes should monitor their intake of animal fats which can also be damaging to the skeletal and heart muscles. Because it is monounsaturated, extra virgin olive oil does not have these effects. In fact, extra virgin olive oil helps lower cholesterol levels and contributes to heart health and bone building. 3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly digestive. It has a high absorption capacity in the intestine, aiding digestion by reducing gastric fluids in the body, keeping things running smoothly, and reducing constipation.

The result is a lasting feeling of fullness, a definite perk for any athlete. 4. It plays an essential role in exercise recovery. The Omega 3 together with the Oleocanthal molecule produce an anti-inflamatory substance. The Oleocanthal has a similar effect to ibuprofen reducing muscle pain and stiffness. 5. Prevents cells oxidation. An endurance activity such as cycling produces various oxidative makers. Radicals are wastes which are formed in the cell when oxygen is used to oxidize the molecules and produce energy. Only a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fresh extra virgin olive oil can ensure effective antioxidants. Of course the extra virgin olive oil good for health should be top quality. The highest content of vitamins and polyphenols -that makes it such a powerful cell protector and disease-free- are present in those oils that are produced at the right moment of maturity and pressed with a very careful process. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural fruit juice and the fresher the olives, the richer the oil. In Finca Duernas we harvest two months ahead to what the industry does so as to collect the olives at their highest content of vitamins and polyphenols.

There is also a very careful harvest so as not to damage the olive. Then, the small batches are taken in terms of minutes to the mill to avoid oxidation and we can do this because the mill is in the heart of the cellar. Another key issue to ensure a powerful extra virgin olive oil is the short period of milling and in Finca Duernas we only mill for 15 minutes where as what is normally done in the industry is over 2 hours of milling. Finca Duernas is truly extra virgin which has a distinctive taste and is high in nutritional values such as the antioxidants. Our particular way of harvesting focusing on the best moment of the fruit, together with our obsession for not damaging the fruit during the pressing process, result in one of the freshest extra virgin olive oils in the market. 1. The perfect chemical profile; the perfect fat for sports 2. An authentic and healthy source of energy that contributes to heart health and bone building. 3. Helps the athletes with their digestion 4. Reduces muscle pain and stiffness. 5. Prevents oxidation. Article from the intervention of D. Cinzia Chiaron at Olio Officina Food Festival January 25, 2014 in Milan. Italy.

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