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why does my ex want to see me

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Your ex keeps on contacting you, and messaging you.

Your ex just won't leave you alone, and now they want to see you!

Obviously you aren't sure why your ex is bothering or why he/she would want to see you again, which suggests that you still think about your ex and may still want them back too. But, of course there are a lot of things that get in the way of that, because your ex might have been the one who broke up with you, and your history together could have been grim and painful. BUT, since you're here, you obviously want to know what it is that your ex is looking for, and you'll probably be surprised. Chances are, your ex is trying to win you back, and here's proof: An Ex Who Contacts You Is An Ex Who Still Wants You - No one will make an effort to contact an ex, unless they want that person back.

If your ex was over you, and if your ex had moved on; they wouldn't bother contacting you again. Not only this, but your ex wants to SEE you, which quite clearly means they miss you. Your Ex Doesn't Know How To Win You Back - Let's be honest here, your ex isn't too brilliant in the relationship department, because they might have spent the last few weeks trying to endlessly contact you. Now they don't realize how annoying and detrimental that can be, because all they want to do is win you back, and they feel that they can't do that unless they talk to you. Thus, your ex is simply trying to win you back, but he/she doesn't know how to do it. Your Ex Misses Being Intimate With You - This is where you may get a bit offended, because an ex may become touchy/feeling if you meet them in real life, because to them, you're still the same person you were before the breakup.

What this means, is that your ex still views you in the same intimate and close manner as they did before the breakup, because they never got over you in the first place. Your Ex Wants To Fix Things And Start Over - Sometimes an ex may feel that meeting in person is a good way to start over, because when you speak on the phone or through email, arguments may occur, or fingers may be pointed. Whereas in real life, both of you may be more calm, and may be able to talk things through more effectively. Perhaps your ex is looking for a chance to redeem themselves, and they may want to apologize and prove they have changed in real life, something you haven't given them a chance to do otherwise through the phone or email.

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