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why does my ex try to hurt me

Why would an Ex,who has supposedly moved on, try to hurt a person? If someone has totally forgotten about someone then he shouldn't bother hurting him, right? Well while your Ex might have recovered and moved on still this recovery might have not happened the proper way. In my article about the i explained how a person has to go through many phases before he can recover from a breakup. One of those stages of recovery is anger where a person feels intense anger towards the one he with and might feel like wanting to inflict harm on him. When recovery doesn't happen correctly a person can remain stuck in that phase and always feel like wanting to hurt his Ex. 1) Your Ex still has emotions for you: While this is not always the case still it can be the reason behind the desire to hurt you. If your Ex hasn't fully recovered then he/she might feel like hurting you (See also
2) The breakup was devastating for your Ex: Even if your Ex recovered if the breakup was emotionally intense to the extent that it hurt them a lot then your Ex might feel like wanting to revenge because of the pain you caused (See 3) Your Ex believes the relationship was abusive: 4) Your Ex feels humiliated : If you dumped your Ex in a way that seemed humiliating to them then they might want to seek revenge against you (see 5) You hurt your Ex's Ego: What to do to end this? There are two great methods that you can follow.

The first is to do nothing after understanding that your Ex is trying to hurt you because she/he is suffering. By being emotionally intelligent enough to understand that your Ex is doing so because of not being able to then you will be able to have peace of mind. But what if your Ex kept annoying you or doing things that badly impacted your life? In such a case you need to use. By just sending a message that shows that you understand the intentions behind your Ex's behaviour your Ex will think hundreds of times before annoying you again. "I Understand that the breakup was hard for you and this is why you are still doing your best to take revenge against me however i am pretty sure you can learn how to let go and focus on your own life instead of wasting all of this energy on me". I strongly don't recommend you send such a message unless your Ex is intruding in your life in a way that directly affects your well being. The book was released by 2knowmyself. com; the book will dramatically increase your chance of letting someone fall in love with you. 2knowmysef is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see. Want to know more?

Some break-ups are amicable and others are so nass-teey. Some people stay friends after a breakup, and others want to forget they ever knew each other s name. Then there are exes that say you are going to remain friends, but then they start acting really cold and mean? S/he sees you and quickly walks away or ignores you altogether, or s/he talks to you (even sometimes initiates the conversation) only to start telling you how great his/her life is, now that you are not together. S/he goes out of his/her way to be affectionate and flirtatious with others when you are around and tells you about this or that great person s/he s seeing. S/he even talks about his/her (great) sex life and what this or that other woman/guy does with him/her. And whatever you say or do, all your best intentions are met with hostility, suspicion, resentment, irritation, anger, vindictiveness and worse. Why would someone who said s/he loved you now be hurting youб intentionally? Some exes act mean because they really want you gone. б It s a passive aggressive behaviour where someone feels that if they are mean, cold and cruel to you, you ll get the message and leave them alone. This is especially the case if the person feels that you are in denial or are not accepting the fact that it is indeed over. You trying to hang on to him/her or be a part of his/her life б irritates him/her. Your hanging around б irritates an ex even more if you are still professing your undying love and commitment.

Why doesn t s/he just tell you to get lost instead of intentionally trying to hurt you? If the break-up was not nasty or if s/he broke up with you, s/he may be struggling with a combination of pity and guilt. S/he feels pity for you because you are a really good human being, but s/he just doesn t have those romantic or love feelings for you anymore. S/he feels guilty that s/he can not love you as you love him/her and that in some ways makes him/her a bad person. The combination of pity and guilt gets under his/her skin, literally, making him/her angry at you for making him/her feel this way. Your sad puppy-face doesn t help. Could it be that s/he still has feelings for you? It is possible that your ex is not over caring for you. His/her cold, mean and cruel behaviour is his/her way of trying to deal with the feelings s/he still has but does not want to feel. You can usually tell an ex is dealing with conflicted feelings by how they go back and forth. One day they are so loving and kind and the next mean and cruel. Their reaction to you reflects what they feel at that time or on that day. But if the person is angry, mean and cruel to you all the time, with no loving and caring breaks in between, they want you gone, like really gone! Just a word of caution. The sweet-and-mean intervals may also be a result of Bipolar Disorder.

If your ex has a history of Bipolar, it may just be that they can t help themselves. Does s/he have to hate you that much and be so cruel? A majority of relationships where an ex acts cruelly post-break-up were toxic to begin with. It s rare for a healthy relationship to go toxic and unhealthy post-break-up. For some exes, it s a power/control thing. If they can control how you feel, they control you. For others, they interpret your pain as you still care for him/her and that makes them feel good in a twisted way. If this is what is happening to you, and you are still trying to get your ex back, you need to ask yourself, Is this person treating me with love and respect? , Is this the kind of man or woman I want to spend the rest of my life with? , What kind of life would that be? Should you then leave yourб ex alone and move on? It depends. If this is your ex just being his/her usual mean and cruel self, it may be best for your own good to move away from the emotional abuse. But if your ex is a kind and caring person who would never act mean or cruel unless forced to, then you need to look at yourself. May be your refusal to accept reality or your your needy and clingy actions are forcing your ex to try to push you away. Work on changing you, and see if s/he starts warming up to you again. Sometimes it s him or her, but sometimes it s really you.

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