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why does my dog hump stuffed animals

Not only is humping a normal part of canine sexuality, it also is a normal reaction to immense emotional ups and downs. If the movers are at your house and everything is going out in a cardboard box, your poor and confused pooch may manage the frustration and confusion by -- you guessed it -- humping the unpacked stuffed animal lying on the floor.

If his poodle "girlfriend" Fifi is visiting and brought along another canine pal, your excited doggie may react by humping, too. Humping is often how dogs respond to brand new, roller coaster emotional experiences -- both good and bad. If a dog has a tendency to hump when nervous and confused, the behavior is not too dissimilar from human anxiety management behaviors.

If you have a habit of smoothing your clothes out obsessively when you're nervous, then you know a bit about how your pet feels.
The most obvious reason Rex humps his hapless toys is because he s in the mood. You may prefer not to think about it, but it s perfectly natural for him to get sexually excited -- even if he s been neutered, in many cases.

While a dog who hasn t been fixed is more likely to hump, your fixed friend won t necessarily stop feeling frisky just because he had the big snip, though some do. Both male and female dogs hump. In most cases humping is harmless, but it can become a compulsive behavior.

Keep an eye on how often Rex humps. If he s doing it all the time to the point that it interferes with his daily life, he should visit his vet or a certified dog trainer. Frequent humping could also be a sign of some diseases, like a urinary tract infection. If he s recently begun the behavior, take him to the vet.

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