why does my dog howl when i sing

Dog howling has a high-pitched and almost piercing quality to it. A lot of music also shares that quality, specifically pieces that involve pianos, saxophones and clarinets. High female singing can also encourage doggie howling. If your dog howls when he hears music with any of these elements, it may be because he -- mistakenly -- thinks that he is hearing another dog somewhere off in the distance calling out to him, and is attempting to acknowledge the communication by answering back loudly. "Low" instruments, such as bass guitars, can't confuse canines in the same manner -- they sound nothing like canine howling.
Most of the time watching Rex "sing" is just good for a laugh and a smile, but if you have to practice an instrument every day, his song may become troublesome.

The ASPCA recommends a form of training called desensitization and counterconditioning to help keep Rex quiet.

Desensitization involves exposing him to increasing amounts of the trigger, like starting with a bit of soft music and leading up to what was causing the howl.

By exposing him slowly, he ll get used to the sound and won t be as apt to react.

Counterconditioning means teaching Rex to associate the sound with something good, like getting a treat every time he hears it. If he learns being quiet when the music plays earns him a treat, he ll be less likely to start howling. Speak with a qualified dog trainer if Rex s song becomes an issue.

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