why does my dog howl in his sleep

Don't always assume that nighttime howling is a sign of a dog who is sound asleep. Your dog could also be awake and howling. Some common triggers for nighttime howling in canines include nervousness due to isolation and the desire for attention. In some cases, it can even be an indication of a health issue. If your dog howls a lot at night, check up on him to make sure that he's not suffering in pain or discomfort, whether due to sickness or a brand new wound.

If the howling is from a medical problem, the veterinarian is calling your dog's name. If the howling seems excessive, dreaming or otherwise, a vet appointment also is a good idea.

Inordinate howling is often fueled by intense nervousness and frustration. If your pet is experiencing these types of problems, he might need the prompt assistance and guidance of a professional pet training expert.
Among dog owners, itБs not uncommon to spot a dozing pet who clearly seems to be dreaming, with outward twitches or vocal howls to accompany some inner storyline.

According to Dr. Stanley Coren, psychology researcher and dog expert, canines experience the same brain-wave patterns and stages of sleep as humans, including the deep phase of rapid eye movement sleep during which dreams occur.

Given the similarities in brain structure and function, Coren and other researchers believe that dogs -- and even animals as simple as rats -- do dream. In his book БDo Dogs Dream? : Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know,Б Coren notes that smaller dog breeds tend to dream more frequently that do bigger breeds.

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