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why does my heart race after a night of drinking

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Why Does My Heart Race? в March 16, 2004 Alcohol is a frequent trigger of a common type of rapid heartbeat called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). This is a benign (non-harmful) arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Tachycardia means rapid heartbeat and supraventricular means that the rapid beats come from the upper chambers or the middle region of the heart. It is also called paroxysmal, meaning it comes on suddenly. The rapid heartbeats that you ve been experiencing after drinking alcohol aren t unusual. Many people experience the same thing. In fact, having an extra drink or two at celebrations or during the holidays can cause rapid heartbeats that are often called Holiday Heart. Red wine is often a particular culprit. The same type of rapid heartbeat can occur as a result of drinking caffeinated beverages, eating chocolate, and using other stimulants.

Lack of sleep can cause you to have episodes as well. The best way to deal with your rapid heartbeat is to learn to stop it as soon as it starts. You can do this by practicing my breathing exercises. You also might consider eliminating alcohol and caffeine from your diet and taking supplemental magnesium. Start with 250 mg and increase the dose up to 500 mg daily. If you find that the magnesium has a laxative effect, take calcium along with it (the dosage should be about twice the amount of magnesium but no more than 700 milligrams a day for women, I donвt recommend that men take calcium supplements. ) If your rapid heartbeat goes on for hours, or you get weak, dizzy or develop pain, be sure to call your doctor and get evaluated. You should have an electrocardiogram while you re having the rapid heartbeat to make sure that it is benign SVT. This kind of rapid heartbeat rarely requires medical attention, and you can usually eliminate or minimize its occurrence by making changes in your habits.

Andrew Weil, M. D. i am a 20 year old male, 6ft at 70kg. I am in average shape, I run for 30 mins three days a week. I only drink occasionally maybe once a week and that may only be one pint or so. Two days ago I drank quite heavily 8 pints and 350mls of vodka perhaps more over 7 hour time period. That morning I woke up to my heart trying to break my rib cage, with its pounding and persistence. I got up and checked it on my mothers blood pressure monitor and it was 105 with my bp being 137/88. This was very worrisome for me as my heart rate is generally at the high 50s when at rest with my bp averaging around 115/65.

I tried not to worry about it too much as I knew anxiety would only accelerate the symptoms. I got a shower and remained pretty docile for the day but the pounding remained until I went asleep that night. I checked it multiple times throughout the day and it stayed above 90 but never going over 110 and my bp decreased to 125/80. Today everything is back to normal with just with a slightly elevated heart rate 75 at rest. I am just wondering is it normal to experience this?? I ve binged before in the past and generally have same problem however this time I was able to monitor it. Will this have serious complications on my heart if I continue drink or is there anything I can do to ease the symptoms I experience. Thanks everyone in advance and sorry for the little story just wanted to make sure I explained everything precisely.

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