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why does my dog howl for no reason

YouБve probably been here before: youБre leading your dog around the neighborhood on a typical pack walk when suddenly thereБs a siren way off in the distance. You barely notice it, but your dogБs ears immediately perk up. As it gets closer and closer (and louder and louder), she becomes more and more agitated or excited. Finally, it rounds the corner, headed your way, and as it nears you and passes by, your pooch lets loose with a glorious howl, head thrown back like she was a wolf out in the desert. WhatБs going on here? Why do dogs howl? There are a number of reasons. Some that are no big deal, and others that should be addressed. Ancestry Think your dog sounds like a howling wolf?

ThatБs probably because dogs are distantly related to wolves, and the urge to howl is still embedded in their genetic code. Sometimes they donБt even know why theyБre doing it, just that itБs what theyБre supposed to be doing. Howling is totally normal and natural as long as itБs not chronic, pervasive, or invasive. Communication In the wild, wolves howl to tell a lost member of their pack where they are or to ward off another animal thatБs encroaching on their territory. For domesticated dogs, this may translate to howling at sirens (БHey, IБm over here! Б), howling when a strange dog comes near (БToo close, buddy!

Б), or both. Howling like the above two examples should be expected and isnБt anything to worry about as long as it isnБt accompanied by aggression toward other dogs or people. Most dog owners even tend to find it pretty cute. However, there are situations where howling is a symptom of something deeper that needs to be fixed. Sickness and injury One of the ways that many dogs express the fact that they are hurt or sick is by howling or vocalizing in other ways. If you notice that your dog is making strange sounds or БtalkingБ more than normal, get them to the vet for a check-up. Separation anxiety Remember how wolves howl to find each other in the wild?

Well, if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, itБs possible that heБll start doing this every time you leave Б not fun for you, the dog, or your neighbors. How do you know that the howling is being caused by? Because itБs usually accompanied by another symptom, such as destroying things, pacing around, or eliminating inside the house. Howling of this kind will take time and consistent effort to overcome. Is your dog a howler? Tell us about it in the comments!
Firstly, they do not howl at night only, but usually they do howl at night. That has a couple of considerations. The more convincing reason is в Usually they howl at nights because they have relevant reasons and need at night.

So mostly stray dogs howl at night. An another reason is that usually they howl at night because at daytime they get lots of other noises of traffic, horns, shouting humans, music, etc. , so at day time usually they take rest and sleep and stay less active. But at night around after 11:00 pm they can find a different and more suitable dwelling place where they can hear each other, ramble freely. And they get more appropriate life, like a wild living that make them excited and energetic that boost them for their natural living and to be territorial, proactive or to make vocal communications, hence they do howl at night.

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