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why does my pimples keep coming back

It seems truly unfair that after dealing with an especially aggressive zit, diligently spot-treating it and handling it with the care of a surgeon for days and days on end, that another zit should pop back up in the same exact spot, just months, or even weeks, later. Like, why? What cruel force of nature allows pimples to keep resurfacing like a bad Tinder date that cant take a hint? And how the hell do you prevent it from coming back? MORE: These arent rhetorical questions, mind you. I genuinely wantedno,
needed to know, seeing as the hormonal zit on my jaw had gone from a four-day visitor to a permanent squatter over the last few months. So I asked Yale dermatologist and VPP (Very Patient Person) Mona Gohara, who I have on speed-dial for skin emergencies like these. Her answer? Its only partially your fault, and theres definitely ways to fix it. YAY! If were talking about your classic, raised pimple with a visible whitehead, then chances are, it was spread by you picking at your skin or popping a nearby pimple at some point, says Gohara. (Dont even try to tell me that you never pop your pimples or touch your face, OK? ) Each time you pop your zits or try to squeeze them at all, you transmit bacteria into your other pores, while also causing inflammation in the surrounding tissue, she says. Doesnt sound like a huge deal, but when you consider the fact that inflammation is already a big cause of acne, youre essentially throwing fuel onto the fire. And, says Gohara, the inflammation and bacteria spreading is made a billion times worse if youve already been using acne-killing products on the area. When someone has a pimple, they tend to douse it with a ton of irritating, drying spot treatments, which weakens their skins barrier and compromises their good, healthy cells, she notes.

And when you irritate an already-compromised skin barrier and throw a bunch of bacteria into it from picking and squeezing, youre pretty much asking for re-occurring breakouts. But lets pretend that youve never once touched your face, and you never put any zit creams on your pimples, and you also exist in an ethereal cloud of perfection, and your zits still come back in the same spotthen what? Theres a theory that some sebaceous glands on certain parts of your face are simply more susceptible to hormonal changes and fluctuations in oil productions, says Gohara, adding that people with recurrent cystic pimples on their jaw and chin may fall into this category. If your cystic acne seems especially tied to your hormones, then the only way to fix the issue is to eliminate the hormonal cause, which means working with your doctor to try Accutane or oral hormone stabilizers. OKcool. But you already knew that you should be talking about your acne with your derm, right? You just want to know what you can do right now, at home, to fix this shit from happening again. Were going to be really honest, though, and say that nothing you apply topically will be as effective as what your derm will prescribe you. As long as youre cool with those odds, you can still try to mitigate re-occurring zits by treating the area nightly with a lightweight salicylic acid (which gently exfoliates and unclogs pores), like l, then dabbing a sheer, sheer layer of benzoyl peroxide (which kills acne-causing bacteria), like, every other day on the exact spot you last had a zit.

If your skin gets irritated, though, stop using them for at least four days, or youll cause a compromised skin barrier, extra inflammation, and, of course, more acne. Fun, right? But at least you can stop feeling like a crazy person the next time you see a zit appear in literally the exact same spot as before, and thats almost as satisfying as having clear skin. OK, its not at all, but its still something. MORE: Pin It! Do you have a recurring pimple problem? A pesky zit that keeps turning up in the exact same place can drive you crazy. PFind out exactlyP *Important P recurring pimples can be treated in the same way as a normal but there are a few extra steps to take in order to stop them from coming back. This page will look atP why Pa certain spot might be recurring on your face,P andP how Pto finally get rid of it. Why do You Get a Pimple in the Same Place? You may have a stress area a certain area on your face where whenever your immune system is compromised from stress or illness, a pimple occurs. It may also be related to. Often women will break out in the exact same area like clockwork around the menstrual cycle. But why theP particular? That pore may be damaged from picking or squeezing the past or a natural weakness in the pores walls. It is unable to keep oil and infection out as easily and inflammation happens frequently. A Deep, Underlying Infection? Sometimes, a recurring pimple happens because there is inflammation still very. While the surface may disappear temporarily, it is still there under the surface. If you have a spot that occurs 2 3 or more times a month, see a dermatologist who can make sure it isn t a boil or deep cyst.

P Don t be tempted to squeeze these suckers. While it isn tP always Pbad to P certain Ppimples, the persistent ones require a different approach. Not only do you want to be rid of them, butP be rid of them for good. First of all, deal with the inflammation: Hold ice against the area for 5mins on, 5mins off at for at least 30mins. Repeat this as often as you can Pto the area this detoxifies skin, reduces inflammation significantly, dissolves oil and unclogs pores 1. As mentioned above, if you have a spot that recurs more than 2 3 times a month, see a dermatologist as it may be a boil or a. They can inject cortisone into the inflammation (sounds painful but it is very beneficial andP will help 2. Keep the pore clear and healthy P by continuously dissolving oil and dead skin cellsP 3. If it erupts around your menstrual cycle P note down in a journal when it begins to form, and after a couple of months you will see a pattern. Take steps like cutting back on sugar and salt, increasing sleep and controlling stress at this time of the month. 4. Control the simple things P keeping your phone clean by wiping it frequently with antibacterial wipes, using a clean pillow case and keeping your hands away from your face, can make aP surprisingPdifference Is it a Bad One?? If you have any doubts or are just fed up with dealing with the same zit time and time again, see a dermatologist who can help you to zap it once and for all. Don t put up with a recurring pimple, particularly if it is painful and very frequent. Your body is trying to tell you something! Filed Under: Tagged With:,

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