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why does my dog have watery poop

You re looking down at a runny mess of dog poo, and the dog is looking up at you with a sad look on his face. At some point, it s a gross fact of life for all dog owners: your dog has diarrhea. Relax, plug your nose, and let s take a look at what causes dog diarrhea and how to get your dog s gut back in order. How do I know if my dog has diarrhea? Your dog probably has diarrhea if his poop is loose or softer than normal. PAccording to,Psymptoms that indicate or accompany diarrhea include:
Fever, fatigue, orPweakness How doesPnormalPdog poop look? A healthy dog poop is chocolate brown, log-shaped, solid but not hard, and moist enough to squish when touched (ew, but stick with us because you wantPto resolvePthis dog diarrhea situation, right? ). Check out Pfor some visual guidance. What causesPdog diarrhea? Eating rotten food or ingesting a harmful substance like a Illness caused by a bacteria,Pparasites, or worms Underlying medical conditions like cancer, colitis, or kidney and liver disease If your dog has diarrhea, do a quick visual analysis before you clean up the poop.

How it looks canPhelp you or a vet figure out what might be wrong. PGrey or orange dog poop might mean organ trouble. Black poop might indicate a more serious issue like internal bleeding. Poop with white bits might mean worms. Finally, watery or shapeless dog poop might mean an intestinal problem. How do you stopPdog diarrhea? The bigPpooper-scooper question: How do you stop dog diarrhea? Thankfully, there are steps you can take to get dog diarrhea under control. 1. Put your dog on a 12-24 hour fast. Fasting helps a dog s digestive system rest and can allow the cause of diarrhea to clear out.

Always offer your dog water, even if it is on a temporary fast from food. P, a veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado, recommends a 24-hour rice water fast. Rice water is the creamy liquid that results from boiling white rice in water, he writes. Its important to use a good quality white rice; minute rice does not work and brown rice has too much fiber in it, which does not help firm the stool because it speeds the transit of digested material through the colon. 2. Give your dog a probiotic. Silver says giving your dog a probiotic can establish healthy bacteria in the gut and could speed recovery. Probiotics can be purchased from pet stores or through your veterinarian. He suggests mixing probiotics into the water your dog is drinking during its fast. 3. Serve simple, bland food after diarrhea and fasting.

Finally, consider givingPyour dog aPmix ofPrice, water and small amounts of protein after a bout of diarrhea. Plain boiled chicken with cooked rice or pasta and probiotics mixed in is a good option, and gradually add more protein. A couple tablespoons of plain, unsweetened can also help firm up your dog s stool. When should you go to the vet for dog diarrhea? If the diarrhea is severe, bloody, or is accompanied by extremePweakness or fever, you shouldPgoPto the vet to rule outPmore serious medical issues. How can you prevent diarrhea in dogs? Make sure your dog can t access food scraps or garbage. Avoid changing your dog s food suddenly, and make a food transition gradually. Avoid very stressful activities. If you have a dog, your pet isPlikely going to get a case of the runs at some point.

With a little time and a temporary bland diet, the diarrhea willPlikely clear up and your dog will be up and at em again in no time. Feeding less relieves strain on your dogвs digestive system. When your dog is stressed due to intense exercise, different food, noise or other factors, his body reacts with digestive upset and loose stools. Remove your dogвs food for 12 to 24 hours. Feed half his ration the next day. You should see results by the third day. Overeating causes loose stool or frequent soft deposits. Feel your dogвs body, running your hands along his sides from shoulders to hips. If you cannot feel his ribs, or if you already know he is overweight, cut back on his food. Measure out his daily food ration, then feed half that amount. Reduce treats or count them as part of his meal ration.

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