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why does my heart hurt when i think of him

I know they all say "Let It Go" and "Move On" like it's that easy to let it go and move on. Well, it certainly is not that easy, speaking from personal experience. But it is true that Time is the best healer of all. You just need to give yourself some time. You need to convince yourself that you can do this, you can live your life just as you were doing before he/she came into your life. You have to go on without him/her and do it like a strong person. Bad things happen, that's life for you- but we can't let those bad things pull us down.

We must live through it with patience and determination. Your heart hurts so much because you loved him/her more than you ever loved yourself. And when that's taken from you, you want to reach out and can't help but want it back. But that's okay. That's because you're human. Time will eventually soothe the heartache. But there will still be time when you're doing the dishes or staring out the window when you'll suddenly remember that day, that particular memory and you'll feel a pang in your heart, a bit of regret mixed up with sadness and void.

But you'll be okay. You'll just need to be patient and hold on- till time works its magic and heal ya. :)
same with my ex and then I wonder if he thinks about me the same way? Are guys like that? I have these intense feeling late at night I just want him to hold me and make love to me. I don't think of the bad times, I just love him for who he is, it's very natural and instinctive. It's like he was taken from me. Sometimes I think when I am dreaming of him he dreams of me at the same time. I can't love anyone else, he stole my heart. the sad thing is I was the one who ruined things.

I ended it with him. and the few times we've tried again the passion was lost(on his side). I really believe people are suppose to have one lover and you must fight for that person even after trust was broken, if you can turn your back on someone then it wan't love from the start. I'm not saying you should go back to your boyfriend but what if he is having the same feelings? I think sometimes you don't realize you love somebody until they're out of your life.

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