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why does my phone say puk blocked

I need some help. I was in Settings and opened a SIM Card option, the exact name I can't remember (something to do with blocking other SIM cards from being inserted in the device? ). It didn't open the first time, so I hit it again. Then my phone was instantly PUK-locked and I can't unlock my phone. It says, "Emergency calls only / SIM card is PUK-locked. " on the bottom of the unlock phone screen.

When slide the lock icon to the unlock icon, my phone it says, "Enter PUK and new PIN Code" and I don't know what my PUK number is or what to do. I am using a rooted Galaxy Nexus GSM in Taiwan. My network provider is Taiwan Mobile. I recently installed a new ROM: Codename Android 1. 2. 0
I recently installed Franco's kernel (1/20/2012).

Yes, I agree. Please note that if your current phone is regestering any inputs, on the PUK (personal unlocking key) screen, I think you only have 10 times on ANY phone (even if you put it into a different phone) before your sim card becomes useless and un-usable.

Have you tried restarting your phone? And I would also suggest putting your sim into a different phone (even older phones), and entering the PUK code on that. When the phone accepts your PUK code, it will request you to enter a new sim PIN. When this has been done, you can slip the sim back into your current phone.

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