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why does my phone say no service t mobile

If your device has no signal bars or shows a "no service" error, it can leave you high and dry from your friends and family. We want to fix that. However, if the phone
shows signal bars but does not call, text, or connect to data, then instead see: If you need help with doing any step, visit the page, select your device, and find the steps. Restart the device. to reconnect to the network, especially after traveling between towers. See the to ensure your area is within T-Mobile coverage. If it's not, we cannot provide or guarantee service. Visit, and sign our petition to improve coverage in your local area. On, log in to check that your line is active (or for prepaid lines, it must have a balance). Check that Airplane mode is off. Change Wi-Fi Calling preferences to Cellular Preferred or Cellular Only. This prevents any Wi-Fi Calling issues with interfering with the signal. If you only have problems when Wi-Fi Calling is active, follow. instead. Turn off Wi-Fi. You'll know you're using T-Mobile network when you no longer see the Wi-Fi icon. Check the device Network mode is set to Auto. Remove any cases or covers from the device. Reset network settings. (Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings) Verify the 'T-Mobile Carrier Settings' are up to date.

You can do this over Wi-Fi. Update the device software to the. You can do this over Wi-Fi. Visit the page for current versions and steps. Perform a manual network selection, to look for networks your device can connect to. If you see: Registered to T-Mobile network, but no signal: The problem is likely low or no coverage. If the coverage map showed good coverage, try switching to 2G or turning off LTE, then to tell us if it helped or not. T-Mobile network is not available: The problem is likely no coverage. If the coverage map showed good coverage, perform a master reset. T-Mobile network is available, but cannot connect: We'll need to check your SIM card when you contact us. Network selection gets stuck or gives error: Perform a master reset. If that doesn't help, we'll need to check your SIM card when you contact us. Remove the SIM card from the device. If you see chips or discoloration in the copper plating, we'll need to check your SIM card for replacement when you contact us. If it's OK, re-insert it back into the SIM slot. Check for signal. If the phone still shows no signal bars or shows a "no service" error,.

If you can't call us, you can still send messages through, the, or social (, ). Any of our contact options can connect you with someone to look at your account settings, local network details, and file a ticket for any problems. Have you previously had service in the location where you have problems? Yes, normally have service here: Please start by turning your device off and on again, and if it doesn't help, follow steps above to take care of any other potential problems. At the end of the steps, you can contact us to report the problem. No, coverage is always poor here: Visit, and sign our petition to tell local planners and decision makers that you support our network enhancements. Multiple people in my nothern Virginia neighborhood (20112) are having frequent problems with service. It is definitely not our phones, as we all have different phones. Two of us went to the store and had new sim cards installed, no change. --until a couple of months ago. Replacing the SIMs is a placebo; something that makes the customer feel like you are doing something, so they will shut up and go away. Many CSRs believe that they are actually doing something, so everyone feels good. When I look at the coverage maps of the area on RootMetrics, I do see some areas of weak service, so your complaint looks legit.

What can cause the sort of decrease in service you have seen is when new towers are installed and large cells are split into several smaller ones operating at lower power. There's a constant trade-off between power and signal quality and T-Mobile leans strongly on the side of keeping power levels at the minimum needed to do the job. Sometimes they undershoot. You should file a service complaint for each location that has problems. Be as specific as possible and don't let them dust you off with a new SIM. Make sure you get the ticket number. Don't expect teams of engineers to arrive by parachute and come knocking on your door. Also, you should not tack a separate issue onto an existing forum thread, particularly after it's been marked "answered" as the T-Mobile employees consider anything after that point to be just idle chatter. Also #2. That area needs someone to map it on CellMapper. net. If someone with an Android phone could download the CellMapper app and run it during their daily errands, it could help those of us who don't have access to T-Mobile internal engineering databases.

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