why does my electric meter flash red

Gas and electricity meters usually work for up to 20 years without a problem. If your meter is within this age, itвs rare that it will develop a fault, but if you think that somethingвs wrong, have a look at the following to find out whatвs wrong. If you have a solar PV installation, itвs possible that your supply meter will clock backwards, if this is the case then please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 954 0693 to arrange a meter exchange.

There are a number of reasons the usage or cost of your energy bill may have changed. If your energy tariff has come to the end of the contract, you may have been moved to a standard tariff and you can take control of it again by switching online. Alternatively, your usage may be different depending on the weather or if the property has been empty for a while. Lastly, it may look different if if your bill has been generated based on an вEstimatedв meter reading,
There is no display on the meter.

A meter can go into вsleepв mode and will appear to have no display. Pressing a button will вwake upв your meter and you will be able to read your meter as normal. A flashing red light on your meter is normal. This light indicates that energy is being used. The speed of the flash will increase if more energy is used. A gas meter that used to measure in cubic feet is now measuring in meters cubed and appears to be reading faster.

Cubic feet units and meters cubed units are different volumes of measurement for the two styles of gas meters. This does not mean you are being charged for using more gas. If you still think there is a problem with your meter, with us and weвll help get to the bottom of it. Quoted Text Here That's why. It flickers every nth fraction of a kWh.

If the current drawn is very low, it'll stay on until that fraction of a kWh has passed. (I think. ) If you doubt it, just put an electric fire or immersion heater on and the light should go off and then start flashing quite rapidly. It'll say on the meter how many flickers to the kWh so with a 1 bar (1kW) electric fire and a stopwatch you can count/time it (at least within the tolerance of the mains voltage and the fire's rating).

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