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why does my heart feel so bad video

^ Weingarten, Christopher R. (July 2, 2009). Play' 10 Years Later: Moby's Track by Track Guide to 1999's Global Smash". New York. from the original on May 10, 2013. Retrieved
May 10,. United Kingdom:. Retrieved February 25,. ^. Retrieved June 4, 2015. ^ " (in German). Retrieved December 10, 2016. ^ ". Retrieved December 10, 2016. ^ ". Retrieved December 10, 2016. from the original on May 14, 2013. Retrieved May 14,. ^. Retrieved May 10, 2013. Moby. com. Retrieved July 22,. ". Retrieved December 10, 2016. " (in Dutch). Retrieved December 10, 2016. ". Retrieved December 10, 2016. " (in Dutch). Retrieved December 10, 2016. ". Retrieved December 10, 2016. Retrieved June 4, 2015. Retrieved November 22,. not as a song, but as an anthem?. anthem of sadness. This song is absolutely brilliant in my opinion.

The simple chord structure, not complex but deeply emotional, which is what music should be. The lyrics are simple, but very powerful, very powerful for sure. I love the way that Moby left the second set of lyrics open to interpretation, this shows true artistry, and it's great, very great! And don't forget the music. He starts with A minor, then to E minor, then to G major, and D major. a switch to F major then C major conveys a powerful feeling. Simple, but pure and sincere, as the lyrics also suggest. Great stuff! A couple of interpretations of what the woman is singing: a) Feel's like it don't, b) He'll open doors, c) These open doors, d) He's got to know. Moby did a great job of making sure that any interpretation of the lyrics fits the overall theme of the song, this is true art, not unlike one looking upon a great painting, and finding your own meaning to it.

Funny how so many people have their version of what is said throughout the song. I always thought the lyrics were "Fear of alone". Very few of us can really be certain of the why. Someone once told me a while ago that this song, and even the video, were Moby's interpretation of "the Little Prince". And I kinda see it. In the video, the main character travels around Earth like he's in search of something he just can't find (an ideal life? ). He left with great plans, but everywhere he goes, he realizes that there's not much there for him, and he witnesses things that just break his heart to no end. So in the end, he tries to find a way home. I dunno, anyone else following me on this? I think he has done something pretty amazing here.

The words while captivating in themselves, aren't the focal point. its the melody which propels the song forward and at the same time say what the words cannot. In an odd way it reminds me of Crash Test Dummies - Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. They have sort of a complete reverse take on the song itself having the lyrics change but the melody remain the same. i think it qualifies as a song, just my opinion tho. doesn't have much lyrics but the way he puts the music just makes the song perfect in every way. any more lyrics then it wouldn't fit. whoever the woman is singing in this song has a great voice. does not it go like these? these open doors, these open doors, help! these open doors, help! (? ) It makes me sad, but I love it. At first I thought the "these open doors" said "these look like gnomes". __

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