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why does my elbow make a clicking sound

Hey guys, I thought I'd bump this thread that I found through a Google search because I have a similar problem. My left elbow experiences painless crunching or clicking sounds. I not only hear them, but also feel the clicks inside of my elbow. They do not hurt, but I know they aren't normal either and I have had to stop most of training because I don't want it gettting worse.

The elbow sounds occur during any pressing or pulling exercises and also when I rotate my left forearm while my elbow is bent (think of turning a screwdriver or a door knob). The problem started a few weeks ago when I was doing a new pushup routine for about two months. I was trying to work up to accomplishing one arm pushups and during some sets, I would try leaning most of my body weight onto one arm on the down movement, alternating between arms for each set.

I was also performing pullups and would somtimes try to lower myself with more of the weight on one arm. My right elbow is fine. But my left elbow clicks anytime I rotate my forearm with the arm flexed. Has anyone else experienced this?
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