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why does my phone echo when i make a call

In many cases echo is a symptom of acoustic feedback from the phone of the party you are talking to. Your voice travels across the phone system to the other party, their phone's speaker plays the sound, then their phone microphone picks up on that sound and it is transmitted back to your phone as an echo. Speaker phones are notorious for experiencing this problem due to their loud speaker and sensitive microphone. If you experience echo, try asking the other party to turn the volume down on their phone. If they are using a speaker phone see if lowering the speaker volume or picking up the handset eliminated the echo. Some phones are more prone to creating echo issues. If it is possible have the other party try using a different telephone. If the other party is experiencing the echo, repeat these steps on your system. If these troubleshooting steps do not work you can contact OnSIP Customer Success for further help.
user4IaVkeQftv, I can definitely understand the annoyance of having an echo.

I'd love to help you out. 1. Are you using Wi-Fi Calling? : You can identify this by seeing on the device screen while on a call you will see the Wi-Fi symbol with a handset next to it. 2. Are you using a Network Extender/Signal Booster? : If you are please let me know what the model of the extender/booster is, your carrier, and model of device. 3. Temporarily disable HD Voice: Typically you do not want to disable this, but we need to isolate the issue. Please go to Settings Advanced Calling Advanced Calling Turn OFF. Retest the calling and report the results. 4. If step number 3 did NOT resolve, or was NOT turned on, please enable it now. If it was turned off please now enable it and retest. Report your findings here. 5. Power the device off and on: Sometimes this issue can be a software issue. If it was a hardware issue it would be recurring with no abnormalities. If it is software related it could sometimes work, and sometimes not.

Please turn the device off and on and retest and let me know what happens. 6. Check for items blocking the device audio ports: If you're having issues with the microphone, speaker, headset jack, or ear piece it may be caused by dirt, debris or something covering or blocking it. I need you to check 5 different things. A: Ensure all plastic coverings that came on the device from shipping are removed. B: Ensure screen protectors are not blocking the speaker, microphone, or ear piece. C: Remove the case that may be blocking the speaker, microphone, or ear piece. D: Ensure nothing is plugged into or blocking the headset jack. E: Ensure the microphone, headset jack, and ear piece are free of dirt and debris. 7. Check all audio levels. Ensure they are what you want them to be. 8. Make sure the speakerphone works: Test the speakerphone and ensure it works. 9. Make a voice recording: We are now going to test the microphone on the device to find out if that is the issue.

By removing the network and the other phone, we are isolating the issue to be only on the device. Please go to Apps Memo Add Icon + Voice Record Stop Save Play. When you play it back to yourself do you hear echoing? If you do hear it, it is your phone, if you do not, it is the network. 10. Remove the memory card: This device supports microSD (TransFlash) memory cards. If you do have one, please remove it. We will put it back in later. After removing it please re-test your calling. 11. Put your device into Safe Mode: To do this please press and hold the power button until the phone options prompt appear then release. Touch and hold power off until the Reboot to Safe Mode prompt appears then release. Tap RESTART. Now please test the calling and report the results. If all of the above fails, I will let you know what the best escalation path would be. Typically, I have people contact their carrier, as there is things that can be configured on the network side of things.

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