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why does my left hand keep itching

Several conditions may be responsible for itchy palms. These include:. Winter weather causes skin to dry out. Dry skin can be irritating and cause itching. Skin damage. Certain chemicals or substances can irritate your handsв sensitive skin. Scrubbing or brushing can irritate your skin, too. This can cause dryness, peeling, and itching. If youвre allergic to something you touch, you may experience itchy palms. The itching may not start right away. In some cases, you may not experience any itching for several hours after coming into contact with the allergen. This common skin condition causes uncontrolled growth of skin cells. This increased pace means skin cells arenвt able to naturally slough off. Instead, the extra skin cells pile up on the surface of your skin. In addition to itching, psoriasis can cause:
red blisters, sometimes with silvery white scales painful, swollen joints Psoriasis is chronic, but you may only experience infrequent or temporary bouts with the condition instead of a constant outbreak.

It does not typically affect the palms. Eczema. , or eczema as itвs sometimes called, is a condition that makes your skin itch. It may cause colored patches of skin in the affected area. Some will be red, while others may be darker brown or almost gray. Some people will develop small bumps that stick up from the skin. These bumps may burst and leak fluid. The skin may also be dry. That could lead to cracking and even bleeding. Like psoriasis, eczema outbreaks may come and go. You may have symptoms for a few days or weeks and then not experience it for several months. Itвs rare, but diabetes can cause itchy palms. Diabetes can cause poor blood circulation, and poor blood circulation can lead to itchy skin.

However, most people with diabetes-related itching experience it in their legs more than in their hands. For the last 48 hours, Mrs. BudgetsAreSexy has been dealing with a crazy itchy right palm. At first she thought it was just a bug bite or something and would go away after a couple of minutes, but here we are hours and hours later and it s still driving her nuts. So she decided to do what all of us do when trying to solve a problem: Self-diagnose on Google ;) And boy were we surprised at our findings! Who knew it had anything to do with money?? D uh Check it out (from ): There s an old superstition that when your palms itch it means money. An itching left palm means money to be paid out, while an itching right palm is money coming in. To stop the left palm from itching, the superstition says to rub the palm on a piece of wood.

There may be something to this old tale, since itching palms often show new internal energy moving through the hands. The left hand is the passive or receptive, and the right is the active. When the left palm itches, look for new energy or services coming into your life Of course this will probably cost you some money. The right palm itching means energy or services going out Work you might get paid for. Touching or rubbing wood is a very old method for transferring or releasing unwanted energy buildup (thus expressions like touch wood ), so if your left palm itches, try rubbing it on the corner of a table If you don t get a splinter, perhaps you ll save some money! It all makes sense now :) The wife is literally finishing up her first two weeks today, and is now due her first paycheck! (Right palm = money coming in! ) Which, oddly enough, she ll probably be getting either today or Monday, haha How s that for superstition?

And now you can say you ve finally learned something here :) You re welcome. PS: Here are UPDATE : Turns out my wife had Cholestasis В a liver condition that occurs in late pregnancy: The itching is most common during the third trimester of pregnancy but sometimes begins earlier. It may feel worse as your due date approaches. Once your baby arrives, however, the itchiness usually goes away within a few days. So it actually had nothing to do with money at all, imagine that? And good thing we caught it too it s apparently super dangerous to newborns if left alone! So if you re super itchy and pregnant reading this right now make sure to ask your doctor about it! (Photo by, tinted by J$)

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why does my left hand itch so much
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why do the palm of my hands itch