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why does my penis smell of fish

For this article I consulted with David H. C. King, M. D. , Medical Director, Urology Services, regarding the causes and solutions to a fishy smell coming from the penis. Dr. King explains, БThe most common causes of bad smell around the penis would be related to poor hygiene and skin infections. Uncircumcised men need to pull their foreskin all the way back to wash the head of their penis once or twice a day with soapy water. If that is not done, then secretions and a substance called smegma can accumulate and cause a bad smell. Б
Dictionary. webmd. com defines smegma as: A foul-smelling, pasty accumulation of desquamated epidermal cells and sebum that collects in moist areas of the genitalia, especially in uncircumcised males. Dr. King continues: БThe foreskin always needs to be put back covering the head of the penis or else a painful condition called paraphimosis can occur, which traps the foreskin above the head of the penis.

Б In paraphimosis, the foreskin cannot be pulled back down into its normal position. The foreskin can get trapped behind the penis if left retracted for too long, because this then causes the male organ to swell. БBoth uncirumcised and circumcised men can have bad smell around their penis if they get an infection from their sexual partners called bacterial vaginosis, gardnerella, or trichomonas,Б says Dr. King. Some men, who have a fishy smell about their genitalia, report that the odor is very similar or just like the odor from a womanБs vaginaб б a fishy odor caused by bacterial vaginosis, which is when the normal balance of vaginal bacteria becomes upset. Other causes of a fishy odor about the penis: Urinary tract infectionб б this causes foul-smelling urine, and since urine exits the penis, then this foul smell can make its way onto the male organ.

Some men report that the bad or fishy smell about their penis is still there despite daily cleaning with soap and water, and even retracting the foreskin. The reasons for this, explains Dr. King, are: БIn that case it could be either the man s own body odor causing a smell or a persistent bacterial or yeast infection. A skin swab culture should be taken to diagnose an infection and be treated appropriately. If the culture is negative, then personal pleasant smelling lotions or deodorant can be used. Б Sources: б Dictionary. webmd. com б б б Familydoctor. org Related content about urine: If youБre uncircumcised, pull your foreskin back when you pee. This keeps urine from getting underneath and causing irritation. Bathe regularly. If youБre uncircumcised, make sure you wash underneath your foreskin to prevent buildup of dirt or bacteria. Pat your penis dry. DonБt rub your penis dry, as this can irritate the skin.

Make sure you pat the skin under your foreskin dry, too. Wear loose, cotton underwear. This type of underwear helps your groin area breathe so that sweat, bacteria, and other substances donБt build up and cause odors or infections. Trim your pubic hair. Long pubic hair can hold in moisture, dirt, and bacteria. Keep your pubic hair short, but donБt shave it completely off. Wear condoms every time you have sex. This can prevent the spread of STIs and other substances that can cause irritation or infections. DonБt have sex with someone who has symptoms of an STI. Be cautious before you have sex with someone who has a rash, pain when peeing, discharge, or other abnormal symptoms. Clean your penis after you have sex. This helps remove bacteria and irritants from your penis. Use water-based lube. DonБt use spit or oil-based lubes, which can introduce bacteria to your penis.

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