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why does my ear hurt when i sleep on it

Parents know how common earaches are in children, but adults can get frequent ear pain, too. You donБt have to have an infection, or even anything wrong with your, to have ear pain. Your makes and gets rid of wax all the time. When the process doesnБt work well, the gunk builds up and hardens so your ear canal gets blocked. Your doctor will call this impacted wax. Sometimes, it causes. DonБt use cotton swabs or other objects to try to get wax out. You'll just push it farther into your ear canal and make it more likely to get impacted. Your ear might hurt, discharge gunk, or get infected.

You could even lose your hearing for a while. You can treat mildly impacted ears at home with an over-the-counter kit. Or you might place a few drops of
or in your ears to soften hardened wax. Better yet, go see your doctor. She can get the wax out without damage. Most of the time, your ear does a great job of keeping pressure equal on both sides of your eardrum. That little pop you feel when you swallow is part of the process. But quick changes, like when youБre on an airplane or in an elevator, can throw off the balance. Your ear miightб hurt, and you could have trouble hearing.

Chew gum, suck on hard candy, or yawn and swallow during takeoff and landing. Stay awake while the plane descends. Take a deep breath, pinch your nostrils shut, then gently try to blow air out of your nose. Avoid air travel and diving when you have a, a, or. If your ear hurts when you pull on your earlobe or push on the tiny flap that closes it, you probably have this outer. You get it when water trapped in your ear canal begins to breed germs. You ear might get red, swollen, or itchб and leak pus. It isnБt contagious. To avoid it, keep your ears dry during and after swimming.

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