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why does my dog have black spots on her belly

Popular questions. Our dog is a black + tan kelpie and has just had her first litter of puppies, six in. My cat vomited today(29. 10. 10) and she is in a quite bad mood, i want to get a check. Shug got into the Sentinel package. pills are missing. what is the. Hi Dr Marie,
I'm not sure if this is even an issue. Max poops first thing in. my dog is shedding like crazy year round what should i do? I recently noticed two black spots in one of my cat's ears. They haven't always been. hi, i have found a hard lump under the skin of my dog, it's by his ribs it does. Dear Dr. Marie: About 5 weeks ago, my wife and I noticed that the carpal pad on our. I brought my dog, Trixie (10 year old Shih Tzu) in this morning for her yearly. hi our cat is scrounging for food 24hrs a day even if he has just eaten. we dont. If you are new to this blog, please note that I'm not a veterinarian or a nutritionist. б If you have concerns about your dog's health, please contact your veterinarian.

One night I was cuddling with Rodrigo, doing the combo БI love you, puppyБ Б Б rub and I noticed that his tummy was really dark. б It almost seemed black. б I rolled him over more, reassuring him what a sweet baby he was while ignoring his confusion, and got a good look. б Yep, his tummy was definitely darker; a lot darker. What would cause my dog's stomach to turn black? I parted his hair in various places and saw healthy, pink skin. б I then checked SydneyБs tummy (darker, but not as dark as Rodrigo) and BlueБs tummy, a bit darker Б but by now, IБm wondering if IБm just seeing things. What Would Cause a Dog's Stomach to Turn Black? I did what our veterinarian taught me; I listed all the facts.

Since two dogs had darker tummies, I was leaning towards age ( Google is helpful and harmful, and whenever I start doing Google research, I try and keep a clear head until I speak with the veterinarian, because, as I found with WebMD, everyone is dying of cancer. When it comes to researching health issues online, I implore you NOT to click on sites that say Бforum. Бб Each one IБve been too has given me tons of dog parent contributions that are the worst case scenario, and they freak me out. б Instead, I look for actual dog health sites to learn more. б My favorite is eHow. com. Reminder: I'm not a veterinarian. If you are concerned about your dog's health, please contact your veterinarian. Fleas :б YouБll see flea dirt (remains of flea feces and dried blood) on their tummy. б For their entire tummy to be black, you have an infestation that is crazy. б We useб , they're natural and don't have any harmful side effects. б Our dogs have never had fleas.

Canine Black Crusty Skin : A disorder that results in darkening of the skin and hair loss caused by abnormally low levels of growth hormones. б This has to be diagnosed by a veterinarian who will run tests and recommend treatment. Canine Black Skin Disease : Caused by a hormone imbalance, genetics, and allergies. б This has to be diagnosed by a veterinarian who will run tests and recommend treatment. Age. б I called the vet the next day, let them know that nothing else has changed (diet and behavior) and by then I had noticed that the skin wasnБt completely black; it actually was just darker Б it seemed black, because of the lighting the evening prior. б There were also big splotches of pink on their tummies as well.

The veterinarian assured me that this is just normal for some dogs; their exposed skin gets darker as they get older (Rodrigo and Sydney just turned three years old). Skin Care. б б The chat with our vet calmed me down and I was comfortable that my dogs were okay. б Since my dogs didn't have a skin issue, I moved on, making sure to useб б for natural flea control without the short or longterm side effects. In 2013, I transitioned my dogs to a raw food diet and I was shocked to see that one of the amazing benefits of feeding fresh food is lovely pink skin. б The dark pigmentation went away!!! My dogs eat a diet of raw muscle meat, organ meat, and bone. б I also add fermented vegetables, raw eggs, raw sardines, and dairy (raw goats milk and kefir). б To learn more about what I feed my dogs, check out my and order my book,.

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