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why does my pee smell like skunk

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Step one is also good if you just suspect that you may have IC. : This guide is meant to be a resource for ways to make IC treatment more affordable. : A great starting point when trying to get information about IC. If you can t get your question answered on this subreddit, then try the ICN s support forums. They also have articles, information about the latest research, and much more. : Authoritative information about IC including diagnostic guidelines. : Suspect you have IC? Follow this guide on safe and unsafe foods. : Need a new Urologist? Find an experienced one here! : A lot of patients find their symptoms are the worst or come out of remission around allergy season (April for North America). This is an explanation why and why antihistamines can help. : For those looking into qualifying for disability due to IC. : Learn which antibiotics are least likely to cause flares. : If you are in crisis or need support, help is here. : For mental health crises outside of the United States.

Please tell your friends, family, or anyone who might be interested in IC related news, advice, or support about this subreddit! The more we grow, the more we can help ourselves and each other. After some particularity lubeless sex Sunday night, during which I became very irritated (inside, not emotionally), something very, very strange happened. I noticed a tiny speck of blood on the sheets, which wasn't even bright red, because it was diffused with other juices, and thought to myself, "Okay, that's fine. I understand why that happened. " Now, here comes the weird part. I was in the shower right after, and I peed, and suddenly, the entire shower filled with the same exact smell that you would associate with a skunk!

I figured that a skunk had just sprayed outside and thought nothing of it. Then, when I was laying naked on the bed a few minutes later, I put my hand between my vulva and I guess unconsciously smelled my hand, and there it was -- the skunk smell again! Did the irritating sex somehow uncover a gland inside me that skunks also use to produce their spray? This is really weird, because the smell is exactly that of a skunk. It's not like I'm saying, "Oh, it kind of smells vaguely like a skunk. " or "This is the closest smell that I can think of to describe my smell. " It's like it IS skunk spray. But then why does my pee smell like it?? I noticed this one other time after that when I peed, but the smell seems to have gone away by now. Does anyone have any ideas or similar accounts?? Thank you beautiful people.

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why does my pee smell like a skunk
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