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why shampoo is bad for your hair

If youБve ever used a two-in-one shampoo plus conditioner, you know that theyБre not the most conditioning of products. But donБt let those outdated (male-targetted) products sully your view of cleansing conditioners. These conditioners, also known as co-wash, are kind of like the opposite of two-in-one shampoos in that theyБre more conditioner than shampoo instead of the other way around. So while they do cleanse your scalp and locks, they wonБt dry either of the two out and they leave your hair silky and shiny. Shampoos usually contain sulfates which help them lather. But dry, coarse and brittle hair doesnБt need a generous, drying, soapy lather Б and actually, many hair types can benefit from skipping traditional shampoo once in a while. Of course, when you skip the shampoo and opt only for conditioner, you should massage the product into hair as if you were using a traditional shampoo. The purpose is still to cleanse your hair of dirt, oil and other impurities while your hair benefits from extra moisture. Co-washing means skipping one step, which of course, makes showering faster Б or just gives you more time to luxuriate under the warm stream of water before stepping back into the real world. For many people, it also means cleansing their hair less often. Those with curly hair can go a week to 10 days between washes because their hair is no longer in the cycle of being dried out, conditioned, sprayed with lots of styling products, and then in need of a cleanse. YouБll find that you need fewer styling products (if any) and you ll use less of them with this method. But of course, thereБs more to cleansing conditioners than just saving time in the shower!

They leave hair shiny and smooth and also reduce frizz. Many shampoos contain sulfates and detergents that help raise the cuticle of the hair for deep cleansing, but raised, rough cuticles also lead to frizz. While traditional conditioner is meant to help smooth out hair cuticles, people with curly, dry or frizzy hair donБt need to mess around with their cuticle in the first place, so skipping the shampoo step is actually beneficial for them. Try to avoid styling products with silicones. Unfortunately, many hair products made for curly and frizzy hair include silicone because it adds slip, shine and smoothness to your hair. Ingredients like dimethicone or anything ending in Бcone,Б Бconol,Б БcolБ or БxaneБ will build up on your hair and wonБt be removed by a cleansing conditioner alone so your hair will end up looking heavy, dull and even frizzy. There are some water-soluble silicones that will wash away when traditional conditioner is used; these silicones are preceded by PEG or PPG on the product s ingredient list. If you decideбto use both a cleansing conditioner and silicone styling products, youБll have to commit to shampooing once a week to remove the build up. However, even if you use silicone-free styling products, itБs a good idea to cleanse with shampoo every once in a while to ensure that your scalp is clean and to remove any product build-up or excess oil. The frequency whenбyou do this will depend on your hair type, but once your hair feels overly thick or starts to look dull with regular co-washing, youБll know that itБs time to shampoo.

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I haven't used shampoo for six years, myself. If you don't use shampoo expect results. В Be forewarned! Your hair will grow! I am talking be-prepared-for-spending-money-on-hair-accessories-growth because you're going to need to put that awful thick mop up just to get it out of your face. It will take off like a monster. Let me also warn you that people are going to stop you. Ugh. Strangers on the street. They are going to constantly comment on how thick and long your beautiful mane is. Some will even want to touch it! Yuck. Strangers touching your hair! Also, in the same vain be prepared to remove your braids. People will accuse you of wearing a "fall" and ask you to prove its authenticity. В I can't tell you how many times I have had to untie and re-do my braids for skeptical viewers. What a pain it is just to keep the peace! В I am 47. I harvest my hair for Locks of Love cancer charity. В is a children's cancer charity which collects hair to build wigs for children undergoing chemo and who need custom wigs built for them to build self-confidence during their illness when they have lost their hair. Locks of Love accepts all hair types (grey, dyed, curly, straight-doesn't matter- they can sell it to offset expenses if they don't use it in a wig. ) I have been donating for nearly 12 years and this year marks 86" inches! I grow faster when not using shampoo because shampoo dries out your hair and causes breakage. Is my hair dirty? Heck no! My hair is very well maintained. В People ask me this question all the time. I buy Finesse conditioner because it smells so good. It is expensive but I sleep on that mop and like the fragrance.

Choose something nice, having a lot of hair is a pain in the ass sometimes, but hey. it's for the kids! Worth it. Instead of using shampoo I vigorously scrub my scalp (using my fingernails) with conditioner instead of shampoo (which contains sulfates-SALT! ) People always respond with the excuse that they have oily skin. That using conditioner to wash their hair would give them greasy hair. I call banderdash. These people wash their hair in shampoo then always follow up with conditioner, don't they? Why not skip the shampoo part entirely? В Once in a great while I will use a sulfate free shampoo. Perhaps once every three months, and then only on my scalp and very sparingly. The point is to grow it not dry it out. My hair is quite resilient and stretchy. It does not break and very few split ends. I do not blow dry much, either. Let it dry naturally after a good towel blot. It smells good, looks good and makes me look younger. Ready for another harvest as we speak. As for the co-washes. I have tried them. They are expensive and I noticed a great deal of hair loss afterwards. Best to just stick with conditioner and a good thorough scalp scrubbing in my humble opinion. It is only recent history we started washing our hair everyday, afterall. And look how unhealthy everybody's hair looks today! Remember the old excuse, "Sorry, can't make it to your event Friday because I'm washing my hair? " Shampooing was a weekly event back then. When Jan and Marsha Brady were hair-flipping their perfect, shiny beautiful locks. Everyone had them. That's because they weren't shampooing every day!

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