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why does my head itch when i sweat

Are you one of the many women who experience an itchy scalp after working out? The cause of the itchiness varies but you should not worry about it as it is common, normal and natural. ALSO READ: It is, however, annoying when you have to scratch your freshly-braided or retouched hair. The itch is sometimes so intense that you end up with sores on your scalp. What causes the itch? When you exercise, your scalp sweats, just like any other part of your body only that the scalp sweats more than most parts of the body. When you sweat, the pores open up and let out oil, salt, fat and water the sweat. The more you work out, the more you sweat. The sweat reacts with the natural bacteria on your scalp, leading to the itch. The itchiness develops during the workout, but affects you after the session when the scalp dries a bit and the sweat settles down with the bacteria, fat, salt and oils. In a typical situation, one sweats during a workout and has a shower afterwards but the scalp is hardly washed. The constant scratching eventually causes thinning and breakage of hair from the roots. There are ways in which you can relieve the itch. To alleviate the itch and avoid scratching, use lightweight products with antiseptic and/or clarifying properties. ALSO READ: You could also wipe the sweat as much as you can the moment the scalp starts itching. Use a soft towel to soak in as much sweat as possible, working especially on the roots in a gentle way.

It may not give total relief but the sensation will be bearable. Exercise-induced scalp sweating can also occur if you eat certain foods and your immune system responds negatively. Get the problem diagnosed. Always ensure your scalp is clean and free of bacteria. Regular moisturizing is important. Wash your scalp regularly with an appropriate shampoo. An anti-bacterial shampoo or conditioner will be great for cleansing the scalp and unblocking the pores. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix it with your regular hair oil and apply on the scalp. You will notice a slight tingling and refreshed feeling minutes after applying. Wash your hands after handling tea tree oil. Lemon juice contains antiseptic properties and can be used on the scalp to kill bacteria and treat itchy scalp. Add a few drops of fresh juice to your hair oil and apply on the scalp using a cotton ball.
I ve shared in many of my previous posts what you can do to remedy your itchy scalp after sweating, this is very common and can happen to anyone, but today, I m going to share with you the best techniques you can use in order to heal an itchy scalp sweating! Yes, there is a difference, when you have an itchy scalp after sweating, it s usually related to the health level of your scalp and most importantly, your inflamed hair follicles, but when it comes to when sweating, then, it s something completely different!

So, what s the difference between after and when? Well, when you have an itchy scalp when sweating, it means that your hair folliculitis, sebaceous glands, are clogged! In other words, sweat is causing pressure inside your hair follicles and this is pressing against your nerve endings to get released, this pressure is translated to pain signals and that s how you get a very itchy scalp when sweating! Is this bad? Yes, very dangerous because it can cause folliculitis, scalp inflammations, redness, and even pimples all over your scalp! It s not very pretty! So, how to remedy this problem? First of all, you need to look after your diet; you are probably consuming lots of fatty food these days! Well, this is probably the most common reason why people are going to have an itchy scalp when sweating, it s the fact that their hair follicles are clogged with sebum, the fatty substance produced by your scalp, usually, this substance is highly adapted to your environment, in other words, it s very runny, and it will get released very quickly and coats both your scalp and your hairs very efficiently, but when you start consuming lots of fatty acids, especially saturated and trans fats, then, it will become solid and very viscous as well, this will prevent it from getting released very quickly and sometimes, if you have lots of particles in your scalp, for example, dead skin fragments, then, it s going to end up clogging your hair follicles, so, when your sweat glands are producing sweat, it s going to be extremely difficult to get released and this will end up causing you an itchy sensation!

Now, remember this: stop consuming fatty foods as much as possible, it s the most important thing you need to do right now. The second step is to unclog your hair follicles and your pores, and there is a lot of remedies you can use, but my favorite one is definitely salicylic acid. So, every day, for five consecutive days, I want you to apply the following liquid onto your scalp: Take one teaspoon of salicylic acid, liquid one, and mix it with two tablespoons of water, then, massage your scalp with this liquid, then leave it for fifteen minutes, then, rinse using your favorite shampoo. You can also use a wonderful shampoo, it s called Free And Clear, it s very affordable, and highly effective as well, the wonderful thing about this shampoo is that it gets rid of buildups in your scalp, in other words, it s going to clear your hair follicles as well so next time when you are sweating, you won t have an itchy scalp.

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