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why does my dog growl when we play

Play growls sound different to dogs than warning growls. A 2010 study published in the journal БAnimal BehaviorБ and reported by Discovery News confirmed it. After researchers recorded and electronically analyzed three growl sounds dogs make -- growls aimed at threatening strangers, growls aimed at protecting a bone and play growls -- they determined that play growls are higher pitched and shorter than warning growls. Dogs can even determine when a growl is directed at another dog, such as, БGet away from my bone,Б or when itБs directed at a threatening stranger.

When dogs in the study group were presented with a big, juicy bone, they jumped only when the БGet away from my boneБ growl was played for them. Researchers theorize that the three growls might indicate three different emotional states: fear as displayed by the threatening stranger growl, aggressiveness as displayed by the protecting bone growl and happiness as displayed by the play growl.
So if your dog is growling while he plays, what does that mean? Well, if they're playing with other dogs it could most likely mean that they're engaging in play fighting.

This is a really common trait, especially in young dogs. They'll bound back and forth and emit a mid-ranged growl. It's noticeably softer than aggressive growling, which makes it fairly easy to notice. There are physical signs to note during this type of play as well. You might see one dog mount the other. It's possible that they may drag each-other to the ground. Something to note here is that there is a clear difference between play biting and real biting, and as an owner you should always pay attention for these clear differences. PSo why else would your dog be growling?

Well, something to take note of is that some breeds will just naturally growlPmore than others. In fact, sometimes certain breeds were bred specifically for this purpose and no amount of training will breed it out of them. If you're someone just getting into the dog scene and haven't bought or adopted yet, keep this in mind when choosing the next member of your household. It could save you a lot of grief. It's also entirely possible that they're doing this out of boredom. Dogs can get used to hearing ambient sounds just like people do, and if they're left to their own devices for long enough they may just be growling to hear any sort of sound they can.

This sort of behavior is readily relieved with exercise and regular attention. It's only in severe bouts of isolation that this behavior tends to pop up. PAnother obvious reason that your canine may be growling is that there are other animals close enough for him to hear. It's entirely possible that your dog is growling because he's trying to respond or otherwise communicate with these adjacent animals. A lot of people have experienced this phenomenon. P

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