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why does my laptop keyboard not work sometimes

Built in Laptop Keyboard/Touchpad randomly stops working. My laptop display and keyboard randomly stops working laptop keyboard randomly stopped working: WINDOWS 10 Why does my Acer Aspire one keyboard randomly stop working? keyboard stops working Keyboard suddenly stops working (urgent).

Dell laptop Keyboard stops working at restart Chrome crashes, Keyboard stops working - bluescreen
my laptops keyboard has stopped responding. i didnt clean it or anything, it just wasnt working suddenly when i turned it on.

Keys start working after pressing down really hard then stop again (Keyboard) Remove the keyboard from your laptop and remove the keys that are not working. You can do this by levering it just right from a corner, or a side. When removing keys from the keyboard via the corner of the key it lessens the chances of it breaking.

However with wider keys like the space bar and the enter key. Always pry from the bottom. Once you have them off, clean with rubbing alcohol under the key, and where the key is located on the board.

Once all is done and clean the keys will snap back on. With it being an older laptop how ever the space bar may have an actual thin metal bar underneath it. If so, just line that bar with the slots it is associated with on the board.

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