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why sd card is not reading on computer

If it won't show up on any device, then the card won't be accessible to get anything off of it. And were you to do anything on it like format it, that would just erase what is on it. If it isn't from either of those devices, and is from a different one, then you should put it back in the original device to see if it will still read it. If it does, then connect that device to the computer via USB (don't remove the card) and get the data that way. NOTE: For future reference, it is better to leave a SD card in a device and connect the device to a computer to get the data, rather than removing the card and transferring the card to the other device.

That leads to the card going bad.
I'm having an issue with the micro SD card that was mounted in my Galaxy S4. My phone died somewhat unexpectedly last night. There was ~25% left on the battery last I had checked, but later I noticed it was completely dead when I was on my way to bed. I'm not sure if it matters, but I did NOT drop or damage the phone on any way. I plugged the phone in, let it charge, and turned it on again this morning. Now, any apps I had saved to my SD card won't open, and if I try to click on them it says "Application not installed. " Any pics saved to SD are not displayed either.

If I go to the storage menu in the phone's system manager, the SD card does not show up as even being read/mounted. I also tried connected the phone via USB to my PC as well as inserting the card directly into the built-in card reader. Explorer does not even show a disk drive pop up. The card seems to be totally unreadable in either the phone or the PC, so I don't even know how I would go about reformatting it, if that truly is the only solution. I've come across this problem in a few other threads.

Someone suggested trying Search and Recover after having a similar issue with a CD that couldn't be read. I installed the trial version, and it just says, "The source location you have specified does not exist" when I select the drive the micro SD card is plugged into. Should I just cut my losses and call the card dead, or is someone out there aware of some kind of fix? Thanks in advance! edit: After exploring a few other threads, I realize there's little hope left for the card itself, but is there any way to get the pics off the card before moving on to a new one?

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