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why does my download speed go up and down

Hello, I apologize for my terrible English, thank you for reading and help me. I am using Window Vista, DSL Internet. My internet for the past week is not good. Throughout the whole day my internet fluctuates, up and down fluctuates speed all day. My DSL download speed always been good, I always get 300KB/sec stable speed, until last week suddenly it start to drop from 300KB/sec down to 6KB/sec,
This is a big change, something is definately wrong. I call my Verizon DSL, they do a line test on their side and they say my Modemn recieve good signal, also the DSL light on my modemn is always solid, so I am sure it recieve good signal.

I also try update all the drives (it say all your drive to up to date) and I try unplugging modemn for like 2 hours and plug it back in. The Verizon DSL also reset my whole modemn, and the problem still persist. (so it definately not modemn issue) I also do a Safe Mode Networking with Verizon, I run my computer in Safe Mode Networking, and the internet speed still drop dramatically starting from 300KB/s down to 6KB/s. Since I am on Safe Mode Networking and this problem still exist, it is definately not any software conflict. I also scan my computer with numerous of anti-virus: Norton, mcAfee, Kaspersky, Housecall, Esset, including Malwarebyte and lavasoft, and found Nothing No virus, no spyware (Unlikely it is virus issue) I have try many different browser and all the same, very slow download speed.

I also do a Pingtest. net and I have a F+ grade, it is something wrong I have try IE, Chrome and Mozilla, all download speed are very slow. Also, for example, when I go to a voice chat room, I also get the message say internet is not stable, please check your internet connection. So all that has rules out, now the only option left I can think of is something wrong with my Vista hardware. How can I know if something is wrong with my hardware?

My computer is very hot though, and it have some sound like something is running inside. Maybe my computer is overheated? How to know if the NIC or network card inside my computer is not working correctly? My internet so slow right now, I am so frusterated, any opinion is greatly appreciated. Thank you Edited by AOTS84, 16 August 2012 - 09:36 AM. The easy way to get rid of this problem, is to switch servers where you download from, as Radix said earlier, Japan server usually works. Nonsense. First, the cluster in Japan is across the god-damned Pacific Ocean. Second, this isn't a server-specific problem and there isn't a magical server cluster that will solve all problems.

This is, or in my case, was, a routing, congestion, and latency problem involving one or more ISPs. In my case, transit between Level 3 and my provider were jam packed (i. e. too much traffic, too little speed). The fix was to find a server cluster powered by someone other than Level 3 (i. e. less traffic, more speed). Multi-megabyte download speed resumed. Problem solved. The poor man's analogy is my highway to my game data was too crowded so I found another, less-congested route. It didn't involve a wireless connection. It didn't involve server cluster roulette.

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